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Do you feed ONLY wet? If so, how many meals?

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I'm asking because I've managed to migrate my four (4-month-old) kittens over to an all-wet diet, but someone mentioned concerns (that actually reflected some my own) that they might not be getting enough to eat. I can only feed them twice a day (1 3oz Nutro Natural Choice Kitten pouch each) and they don't finish the 3 oz's right away, so I'm hesitant to give them more. They have seemed, however, quite hungry by the next feeding. (Ollie's even begun growling at his siblings! Then again, Ollie's always eating, so that may not be indicative of much.)

Since my guys are still kittens, should I go ahead and give them dry food, too, or will I be jeoperdizing an all-wet diet as adults? Can I give them more wet food and let it sit out a couple of hours 'till they're ready to eat it?

How do those of you who feed only wet handle this?
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I give my cats wet only in 2 meals. The big boys get 1 1/3 5.5oz cans a day, Gracie gets 1 5.5oz can a day. I DO leave it out for a few hours (they generally eat it within one hour) but I'm also very vigilant about monitoring them, their appetite, litterbox habits and keeping dishes and placemats clean and disinfected. This works for us, and :knock on wood: we haven't had any issues...they are all very healthy and happy and maintaining good weight. Leo's allergies bother him much less and Raphael's IBD doesn't act up.

ETA: The boys are 13 and 14.5 pounds and Gracie is 8.5/9 pounds.
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I've got one that almost always gets wet (Odo), and the other (Willow) gets both. For Odo, I feed him shortly after I get up in the morning and as soon as I get home from work. I give him a 5.5 ounce can each time, unless has hasn't finished his breakfast. My apartment stays pretty cool, so I'm not worried about the food spoiling. He eats most of it, and the other kitty sneaks some too. However, he's a senior, so two feeding suits him.

With the kittens, you probably need to have food more readily available. You could try leaving out some dry food when they finish their morning pouches. I do give Odo dry on occasion (usually when I'm feeling lazy and don't feel like dealing with the canned food), and it doesn't stop him from eating his wet the rest of the time.
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I feed dry only, but, I occasionally supplement with wet food. I would like to sometime (when I earn some more allowance) switch Sunshine over to an all wet diet.
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We feed wet and dry. They are free fed dry all day.. and then once a day they get fed wet food.
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i feed mine wet the lady that we got stormie off of when she was 10 weeks left dry out and feed 1 wet can to all 5 of the cats to split just one but when stormie came i always leave dry out for the cats and they eat 2 cans of wet food a day because they share (I can put two on a plate and no one finishes it ) so Stormie and Bella split a can about this time and at about 4 pm or earlier and they have dry all day and night!!! Although today they have wasted food I thought they didnt like the salmon but for them both not to finish it ecspecially Bella who mind u never liked wet until Stormie started eating it (we tried with Bella for a while ) But she licks the plate right down till its completely clear and Stormie eats alot of the food...but at 4 today when I fed them they didnt even eat all of that and it was one of their favorites so idk...hmm hopefully theyll eat now its time to eat.
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Mine are fed almost all wet and up til now I've been feeding 2 wet meals a day then a little dry for supper. I'm about to switch Jaffa's supper time dry to wet so he will have 100g wet in the morning with a little bit of dry sprinkled on top (cos it's a long time til the next meal!), 100g wet again at about 5pm then about 50g wet before bed. Mosi has the same only he has slightly less wet and a bit more dry.

As yours are kittens maybe they need more frequent meals - could you use an automatic feeder so that they can have more frequent meals while they're little?
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I feed our four cats one can of fancy feast in the morning laced with L-lysine. I do it again plain when I get home from work. so thats a half can each a day. I used to just leave kibble out for them but I'm afraid they'll get fat free feeding. I still leave the kibble out for them but I cut the quantity back so when I come home or wake up in the morning it's nearly or all gone. If there's a lot of kibble left I figure I'm giving them too much.
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Zoey gets two or three small ( about an ounce meals a day)

kandie get at least five meals a day and does best at on ounce ten times a day ( I dont work 8-5)
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my 7 pound calico cat gets four wet food portions a day ( about a tablespoon each time) and during the night ( she sleeps locked in the bedroom suite) I put out 1/4 cup of dry food so she doesn't drive me batty in the night.
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Everyone gets wet supplemented with raw (or raw supplemented with wet, depending on what I have on hand).

All are fed twice a day.

Pudge (~3 years old) has a small appetite and gets one or two small meals a day (I eyeball it based on how much she usually eats). Any more than that and food is wasted.

The one-meal days happen when she is completely uninterested in one of the two daily meals I offer her. It's not flavor boredom, as she'll ignore ALL food offered at those times (I was worried at first).

She doesnt act hungry in between them, is at the ideal weight for her size, and has a clean bill of health so I just chalk it up to her being a petite ~6.3 lb cat.

Typhus (7 month old) always gets two meals daily. I give her a few ounces/meal.

I work 8-5.
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