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getting cat hair out of throws

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ok I have a few of those fleece throws and the cat hair has seemed to weave into it. I tried washing hot water/drying REALY well but still not getting it all out. Any tips? can't replace all of them all the time cause have 22 cats and that would get to expensive. thanks for anything
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A lint brush maybe? I dont know how that will work for one that has been washed and dried, though.
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I love fleece throws and with 10 cats and 2 dogs on them, they are always loaded with hair. Once the hair really gets woven into them, there isn't much you can do. Lint brushes don't do well on fleece as it messes up the fuzz on them. I find the dryer works best at taking off most of the hair. I wash mine at least once every week.

If you buy fleece blankets, you get them with the ends bound with string. The binding is nice but it does nothing for the blanket. I just buy fleece from a fabric store (Hancock's is always having great sales) and cut the edges off. That way I can get the length that I need (most store bought blankets are too short IMO) and when on sale, you can get a good blanket for sometimes less than $10. I do 2 yard blankets. I also have 2 sets - one for everyday that gets cluttered with hair and another for when company comes over.
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Oh I posted about this a while ago and someone suggested some "balls" that you put in the wash with your throws, think they are called lint balls, anyway I couldnt locate them in Spain or UK, so maybe someone can help this time around !!
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Try a sticky roller. That seems to work for us when we have cat hair on our clothes. Or roll some masking tape around your hand (sticky side up) and use that.
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Fleece + cat hair can be a real problem! I avoid fleece if at all possible! Other then that, any I do have gets washed frequently and then dried with 2 dryer sheets.
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I like the idea of buying the material..the craft stores all have sales often anyway I have seen the lint balls in a catalog years ago-one of those harriet carter ones think the preoblem is worse cause at old house we had wall to wall carpet and they shed on that... thanks for all your input
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