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Nya has a UTI :(

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Hey guys, just thought I'd post about the little mess we've been through.

I noticed last night that Nya was trying to pee a LOT (infront of me), and was only peeing little dribbles. And it was red. Great. Off to the vet we go (I had to work this morning, so friends helped me out!)

Vet says she's got a UTI and they're going to check again in two weeks to rule out crystals. She's on anti-biotics until then.

I feel bad, because it's really my fault. Over Christmas, I've slacked off quite a bit, and fed the cats kibble and canned food several times (since I found Nya will eat EVO, it's easy as a quick fix when I'm VERY busy), which is drastically straying from their normal diet. Nya is very sensitive to these sorts of things and I'm definatley blaming this on straying from her raw diet. (And I told the vet that was what had happened, she agreed that's what probably did it). So we're going to be MUCH more strict with her diet from now on. Nothing but the best for my babies, no slacking off!!
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Summer gets frequent UTIs, so we know what you're going through. I have tried different diets, but she is now on cosequin to helpthe lining of her bladder. Don't feel bad, some kitties are just sensitive regarding their diets.

Hope Nya feels better soon!
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