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Had a cute lil visitor tonite again...

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We rarely see strays running around town-- AC keeps tabs on them for the most part. There are only two cats that run around our neighborhood on a regular basis. One looks identical to PB, the only way we can tell them apart is by petting him. The outside PB look alike has really rough fur. The other one lives on the other side of the neighborhood and doesnt venture far from home. Hes black & white. Very cute.

Needless to say we have had several minor near heart attacks thinking PB got outside.

Two nites ago hubby was on the front porch smoking and a cute lil kitten walked up to him. Its a girl shes been recently spayed and has fur soft as silk just like PB. She looks very very similar to Beavis just with white around her mouth. She s very very petite. Has got to be 6 mo or possibly younger. Very sweet.

Well she showed up tonite while he was outside. Shes not scared of people and will come when called. Shes a good weight and still has her stitches from the spay. The hair is grown back around her incision though. So i know its been awhile since she had the surgery.

She only comes around at nite and we have never seen her during the day. She wants to come inside but hubby wont allow it and I know Beavis would freak out with another cat. he still doenst like PB and they have been living together for over a year now. Im going to try to get some pictures if i can tomorrow nite or monday nite if she comes backaround. Shes just sooo cute.

We think that she has is an indoor kitty and belongs to someone but has just figured out how to get out of the house. I think if they were letting her out. they would probably be letting her outside during the day too. anyway shes a cutie, Ill be keeping tabs on her
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You should probably check and see if you can find her humans, so that they know what she's up to.

Plus you can make another kitty friend.
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She sounds like a sweet lil doll! I hope you can get some pics! I'd like to see her!
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Aw, she sounds very sweet
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There are a lot of people who only let their cats out at night, figuring that there is less traffic. She sounds like a little sweetie.
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Aw, she sounds like a sweetie.
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Be careful, we had a sweet little visitor too, and now he LIVES here
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awww how cute!!! post pics when you can!!!
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