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Any Bunny Owners Out There?

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I have three bunnies. All of them are Mini Rexes. Sammy is my blue MR, Buster is my lilac MR, and Gracie is black MR. Any other rabbit owners out there?
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I don't have rabbits any more (my last bunny, Sammy died a few months ago but he was a good age. He was around 9.) I would like to get another someday. Maybe a smaller one. Do you have any pics?
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i have a bunny although i dont know what she is she is a gray smoke and her name is sugar and ive had her for about 8 years now and still going strong i have pics somewhere imma have to find them tho...do u have any pics i would love to see them
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I have a 3-year-old dwarf mix named Breeze that I adopted from the humane society. I had some really cute pictures of her and her former bunny companion (now deceased) cuddling that I will post if I can find, but in the meantime I had her pose for this quick picture.

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When I was a teen I raised full size dutch rabbits for a few years. But no bunnys now - I do really like the dutch (WITH proper markings). Many of the so called dutch rabbits in pet shops are very poor quality and mismarked! Mine was a perfect pattern black/white dutch doe.
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Yes! I love my bunnies. I have four permanent buns- in my siggy- and one foster. He's a New Zealand White and the sweetest boy ever. I'm trying to bond him to my Dwarf Hotot girls Fey and Sprite, because then I can keep him. My other two buns are Mocha who's a Polish and Loki who is a Dutch.

Here's a picture of the foster boy Oberon (since the others are in my siggy).
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Glad to here there are bunny owners on here! Yes I do have pictures. I'll post them later.

I breed my rabbits as a youth rabbit project and you're in Ohio. I'm in Michigan. If you'd be interested, I do ship bunnies, but the buyer is responsible for shipping fees unless the buyer wants to pick it up. Interested?
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It is nice of you to offer but I don't think I will be getting any more for a while yet.

Your bunnies are cute guys! Yorda your bunny looks alot like Sammy but he was a dwarf hotot and he had black eye liner around his eyes.
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I used to have rabbits when I was younger.

We had Bright Eyes, one of the really huge white ones (sorry not good on rabbit breeds!) She was not a friendly rabbit and used to growl and attack our ankles. She did come when called though and it was quite hilarious because when we called her she would race up to us and then start grabbing ankles.

Then we had Ginger, a lovely gentle ginger and white rabbit. He was a beautiful little thing who enjoyed watching fireworks (all my pets seem to be a bit unusual ) on bonfire night he would sit up on his hind legs and watch the pretty lights in the sky. He got out when he was little after having his hutch (and his poor little nose) ripped open by a fox. I don't know how he fought the fox off, but after a few hours of frantic searching for him our neighbour found him in his coalshed, all covered in coal dust. He had a bit of a cut on his nose which left a scar, but was otherwise unharmed. He caught myxymatosis and had to be put to sleep (we weren't aware at the time that a vaccine was available)

And then there was Fluff, a very soft ginger dwarf lop-eared rabbit, she was also very good natured. She lived quite a long life but eventually died of cancer.

All our rabbits were outdoor pets, they had a big enclosed run in the garden which they shared with various guinea pigs and a tortoise over the years!
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i am a proud rabbit owner! i own a mini lop eared named Ash. he's about two.
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