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What Do You Feed Your Kitties?

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We feed Armada or Preferred Pet. Depends what store we can get to when we need cat food. But what do you feed your kitties?
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I just switched over to Nutro Max Cat for dry and have a variety of wet.

Mostly Eagle Pack in wet with some Innova Evo and Natural Balance Green Pea and at the moment some Meow Mix Market Selects to entice a sick kit to eat more.
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My cats are fed a raw diet consisting of ground mixtures, raw meaty bones, organs and muscle meat. My foster is being fed some raw meat, Natural Balance canned and Chicken Soup For The Cat Lover's Soul dry.
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Right now we're in a transition, meaning we ran out of food a few days ago and haven't gotten the new food yet. Don't fret, they aren't starving, we've bought some crappy food from the nearby grocery store to tide them over until tomorrow or Monday (I'm sick with the flu and a touch of an earache, otherwise I would have gotten the new stuff back on Thursday or Friday). They were on Timberwolf Organics dry for a few months, then spent a month on California Natural dry, then they spent a week on Blue Buffalo's Spa Select line (canned) and I liked what I saw during that week, so when I get food, Molly and Willow will go on RAW (I'll probably get a bag of Nature's Variety Prairie, plus some other packages of raw meat, I'm not sure), but since Buffy won't touch raw meat, she'll continue with the Spa Select canned food. In the future I'll probably upgrade from BLUE, but the ingredients seem fine enough to me, and since I'm just starting out on all-wet, the 79 cents per can will REALLY help me out, lol
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I'm currently switching from Eukanuba to Wellness. And I'm feeding a mixture of wet and dry food.
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We feed wet and dry daily of Chicken soup for the cat lovers soul, and chicken soup for the kittens soul. We used to get wellness, but it has proven to be too expensive for 30 cats. We feed it to the dogs though (12 dogs).

We feed the strays outside whatever cheap food there is at Walmart..wet and dry daily..they don't mind the quality..at least they are being fed
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one has canned raw homeade

one has canned /raw with dry Nutro natural choice and look s like Natures prarie lamb

the dog gets homemade raw canned
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1/2 Chicken Soup Adult Light dry & 1/2 Solid Gold Katz-N-Flocken dry fed free choice. He occasionally gets some meow mix pouches as a treat.
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After trying some other, more recommended, premium brands, I'm back to Science Diet Adult Hairball forumula. They seem to do best on that. I know a lot of people don't like SD, but I go by their health, coats, weight and poops. They flat out refused to eat Nutro, even mixing it over slowly. I ended up donating the rest of the bag to the SPCA.
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I feed all wet, and I feed either Evanger's Holistic Pheasant or Evanger's Organic Turkey and Butternut Squash (which is a food appropriate for cats with CERTAIN food intolerances).

They get Nutro NCCC kibble as treats.
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Both of my kitties were on the portly side, so they get some SD r/d.

Callie, my older kitty who doesn't like wet food, gets 1/2c - 3/4 c food a day; half r/d and half Royal Canin 33. She gets a bit of pumpkin & a little bit of baby food with her meds in it twice a day.

Hannah, my 18 month old gets about 1/4 C of dry food a day; half r/d and half a mixture of Royal Canin something or other and Natural Balance. She also gets 1/8 a 6 oz can of food twice a day with a bit of pumpkin.

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My cat eats about 1/2 cup of dry Science Diet during the day and half of a small can of Fancy Feast at night. (With the Fancy Feast, it's more just her licking the gravy and leaving tiny bits of dry meat everywhere.)
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I recently switched my cats to Wellness dry. I'm also trying different types of canned food. So far Merricks is their favorite with Natural Balance a close second. I'm trying some Nutro canned this week and they don't seem that fond of it.
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Willow gets Natural Balance dry and a few bites of whatever Odo is eating that day. Odo gets a variety of canned foods. For a while, he was getting Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul, Natural Balance (several flavors), and Trader Joe's (several flavors). His stomach has seemed to be a little sensitive lately so I tried to cut out anything with fish. Now I'm trying a new batch, including Evanger's, Felidae and some other Natural Balance flavors.
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Premium edge for kitten for my two babies and both seem to love it. They go crazy for butternut squash (baby food) so that's their treat now along with greenies.
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18 on adult science diet, 3 on rx C/D science diet and 1 eats all wet science diet(any flavor as long as its "cooked in savory juices")
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I feed my cats Hill's Science Diet Light formula as I'm trying to make them lose weight. The vet thinks they are overweight. I also added a small bag of the Hill's science diet sensitive stomach to the food as they were throwing up at times and so far it seems to help.

My vet says that Taffy who is 3 years old and 11 pounds needs to lose weight. I must admit she does look heavy but she tends to always want food all the time. She'll meow if I don't give it to her or at least a bit before bed.

Misty is 2 1/2 and she's a small eater and the vet says that she's about 8 pounds but he wants me to make her lose some weight too. She looks very slim though for her little size.

I give them both a 1/4 cup morning and night each day and they always have water all day long and I change it twice day. I don't give them any treats unless I do their nails but that's every five weeks. If they do get some canned food its a small amount of fancy feast and that's maybe every other week so once a month.

If anyone could give me any advise on it it would be so helpful to me.

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Wet food (canned or raw) seems to help the most in weight loss. Dry food has carbs, which explains why so many cats are overweight when eating dry-only. I recently switched my girls to wet-only (Willow and Molly get RAW, Buffy gets canned) and we'll see if Molly loses weight. She's a hefty 11 pounds, but she's not yet "overweight." Just solidly built, lol. She, too, seems to love food and when I switched to wet-only and stopped free-feeding her dry food, I swear she panicked. She constantly hovered around her bowl and tried to remind me over and over that the bowl is empty, and would I PLEASE fill it up?! I don't think she was hungry (well, maybe a little), but I think it was more of the idea that for once in the year that she's been here, food hasn't been readily available, so what the heck is going on?

If you can't afford wet-only, you can try half wet-half dry.
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Nature's Logic Rabbit Dinner, dry. She won't eat the wet food. This food has millet in it rather than rice or wheat, and the cat is very slender.
She also sometimes gets California Natural Herring and Sweet Potato dry, and a little Natural Balance Tuna and Crab wet for treats about once a month.
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I feed mine Merricks they have 2 favourite flavours turducken and thanksgiving day dinner.
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Lately I have been sticking to Premium Edge Adult. I used to switch with that and Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover Soul. Premium Edge is like $2 cheaper.

For wet, they don't get it nearly as often as they should. They usually just get whatever I have hanging around. For some of my cats, wet makes them puke. The one's that can handle it though, they get Whiskas right now which is an awful food but I got about 350 cans for free so I figured I would use some. I prefer Wellness canned with no grains in it.

For Cuddles, the cat who lives in my bedroom which I can't touch. She eats Iams. When I got her, the owner insisted I must always feed her Meow Mix dry because she tried everything and Cuddles throws it all up. Well, she tried all the crap in the grocery store, not any of the good stuff. Within a month I slowly switched her up a step to Iams and she only threw up once. After that I will work her up to something much better because I dont like Iams either.
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Zissou eats Nutro Max Lamb & Turkey cutlets for wet food, 3 oz/day, and gets free refills on dry food of the regular Iams adult dry food.
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Both of my 6 year old kitties eat both wet & dry....
Nutro Complete Care Weight Management dry & pouches.
Plus they eat the Nutro CC senior pouches too.

Dexter needs fiber for a larger stool, because he has scent sacs that plug and they both have very sensitive tummys.
I keep trying new food but so far...no luck.
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Chicken Soup for the Cat Lover's Soul dry - I love this food. I realize its a little grain heavy for some's tastes, but for a by-product free food with meat as an essential ingredient, its pretty low price, which is great for a grad student who's supposed to be on a budget. They also occaisionally get Nutro Natural Choice wet - I've been bad about giving them that lately and I need to get back in the habit of feeding them more wet.
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California Natural. Made the switch a bit ago. Mostly she is eating less...she was a real pig before! She did this all on her own with no help from me. Maybe it is true...more protein, less fillers, means better eating cat!

For wet...everything/anything. No matter what it is, quality stuff or not, she licks the gravy and maybe eats 1/2 tsp at the most. It is annoying! And expensive! (she will wolf down Meow mix cluck-a-doodle do pouch though...but I it has fish in it I believe (?). She only gets a dollop of that occasionally)
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My girls get Whiskas (yep I know its crappy). I used to feed Purina One, but I can only find it in tiny bags and it was way too expensive buying bit by bit.

I know Whiskas isnt very good but here in Puerto Rico good food is hard to find and what is considered mid-grade they want to charge an arm and a leg for it. Pro Plan Adult is 14 dollars for 4 pounds, and I am on a tight budget.

Ceci looks good though, her teeth are clean her skin is healthy and her fur is incredibly shiny.

Lately though she has been getting a tiny spoonful of Pro Plan Sardines canned. This is the only stuff the goofball will actually eat!
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My boys get Maxximum Nutrition dry free fed, but a bowl will actually last them over a day, but they get 2 meals a day on Meow Mix wet pouches, they share 1 packet at noon and one at night They love the wet so much, they hardly eat the dry.
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Poe gets Purina Naturals Chicken & Oatmeal (relatively new on the market) His coat is better, and he's lost 3/4 of a pound (We adopted him a bit overweight).
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Purina One dry(free feed) is what my gang gets.
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I just switched back to California Natural Chicken and Rice for dry. I was feeding EVO but my cat that is sensitive started having some problems with it. I feed several kinds of wet it seems to be the best way to get them to keep eating some kind of wet, they are both dry kibble addicts. I give them Meow Mix Market selects cups, Wellness Chicken or Turkey, and today I got them some Solid Gold Blended tuna. It's the first time I have tried the Solid Gold but it is one of the ones that most cats are supposed to really like.
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