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Homemade is as good as store bought

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For the longest time I have been looking at pet beds at the store. But I was always hesitate to buy one in fear that Ping not like it or use it. So the other day I made one out of a cardboard box and a blanket. After a day or 2 he started using it. Here is a picture:

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It is better than store-bought ones because it is the box. Most kitties prefer the box to the bed. You did the cheap version and stuck with the box. Brilliant!
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Aww...he loves it!
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Zissou has decided that her new favorite place is the box that my soon-to-be-nephew's quilt came in. (The A-Z one from pottery barn that just got discontinued). Good thing I kept the quilt in its bag! Just like kids, they are, the box and the ribbon are more fun than the toy!
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I use the box tops from copier paper and put a fleece blanket in them. My cats love them! I also have 2 "real" cat beds that don't get used half as much
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awe thats soo cute I have a little cat bed that I bought at the flea market over the summer mind u bella didnt like it when I bought it then but then we got stormie and stormie used it all the time so there for now bella uses it...but o my what a great job u did I just have a box because Bella loves boxes shell fit into any one she sees but now we sleep in our cat tunnels !! But o my what a gorgeous kittie and hey he likes it...its just as good
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He looks quite content! Kitties seem to love boxes most of all, don't they?
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My sister's one cat loves boxes too and prefers them over store-bought beds! I have found that "cheap" or "recycled" sometimes is the best route to go with pleasing my cats.
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That IS brilliant
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Radar has 3 beds, all of them cardboard boxes, all of them with an item of old clothing in as a cushion. One in the sitting room, one in the hall, and one in the kitchen. He uses them a lot (at least when he's not sprawled out taking up the entire sofa or curled up on a pile of fresh laundry ). I have thought about getting a proper 'cat bed' because they look a bit scruffy - but then I'm not really that houseproud anyway
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That's very smart of you
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Your kitty definitely gives his stamp of approval for the box / bed! Chances are if you had bought a specific 'pet bed' that he wouldn't have used it!
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