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Getting fixed ..

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Hi Everyone,

Vader is getting neutered in a couple of weeks, any advice as to what I need to do at home to make sure he's comfortable?

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He might be a little sleepy when you first bring him home, but within a few hours, he'll be good as new, and you'll wonder why the heck they sent you home with this instruction sheet saying he "may be drowsy and unsteady on his feet," because he's tearing all over the house like nothing ever happened.
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Lorina is absolutely right! Chevy just got neutered on Wednesday. I brought him home that same day between 3:30PM and 4PM, and he slept until about 8:15PM, and then was as playful and as active as usual!

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Neutering is consider a small procedure if no complex situation is involved. I remember when Jumpy got neutered, he was sleepy the rest of the day. He didn't want to eat, which is okay because my vet said he might throw up but I brought water over to his bed to drink. My vet also told me to not use any sandy litter so I was using feline pine litter (pellets).

Your vet should also give you some pain medicine. This normally comes with the cost of the procedure so in case your cat doesn't feel well the next day, give it to him.

You will need a buster collar, which can be purchased at your Vet. Make sure you keep it on for at least 2 weeks to prevent him licking there. It's more difficult for them to use the litter box so keep the litter extra clean otherwise the buster collar will have poop all over it. YUCK!
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mine acted like nothing happened at all. We got him neutered while he was boarded so we actually got him back 1 day later and he was just peachy fine and i actually forgot that he had been neutered and wondered "wait? was i supposed to be watching for something?" He was just fine!
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None of my boys had any problems. They went to the vet early morning and I picked them up in the late afternoon. By then they were wide awake and acted as though nothing had happened.
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Radar had his neuter and umbilical hernia fixed at the same time - he was given a long acting painkiller/sedative by the vet and was woozy that night, but the next day you wouldn't have known he'd had surgery at all by the way he was acting - completely back to normal. And that's after 2 procedures, one of which had 2 layers of dissolving stitches underneath a row of 5 normal stitches down the middle of his belly. He didn't even have to wear a collar, he just wasn't bothered by it at all.

I'm sure after your boy's neuter he will be back to normal the next day and you won't notice any difference!
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