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Elongated palate

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Nanette, one of the fosters, has an elongated palate according to the final diax..asthma was the first so I'm relieved..she's OK but I've never had a kitty with an elongated palate_I know some dog breeds like pugs, bulldogs, etc_but hadn't heard of it in cats tho I suppose it'd apply to all mammals.
If anybody has any experience with it I'd love to hear about it..thanks!
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Godiva also had a recent diagnosis of this. http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=110977
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Thanks katchig..our vet said she wouldn't do surgery because there are many risks involved in my fosters case. And it isn't too bad a case only that she makes lots of noises. Her face isn't flat like your Godiva, nor Asian really, more like a 'regular cat face'..
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I hope your foster does well... is that she in your sig?

My kitties don't really have flat faces like a Persian, but they are rounded. I probably won't get getting the surgery for another few months. Hopefully, it's not a difficult one... the vet said it's usually a problem with dogs like pugs and bulldogs.

Here's Sneakers, and I suspect she has the same problem...

Here's Godiva:
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Here's a former sig with Nanette's pics..her face is a bit rounded but not too much
Godiva does look like a bit like Nanette's mom, is G diva real petite? N's mom sure is and I guess Nanette takes after her, her siblings are not exactly huge but bigger than her
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They are both really petite. Sneakers is only 4.5 lbs, and Godiva is 8 lbs, but she is all muscle. She's a Burmese and they look smaller than they weigh (they are called "bricks wrapped in silk" ).
Nannette is gorgeous! I love black kitties.
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