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Do you know someone...

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who changes their mind constantly?

several months ago I accidentally bought a can of stewed tomatoes but kept it just incase I found a recipe for them.

A month or two later, B happened to see them and said "Ewww!!! Why did you buy stewed tomatoes? They're gross!" So I placed it aside to give to can goods this fall.

The can was still sitting in our pantry and today B felt like Goulash...and thought that stewed tomatoes would taste really good in it.

Ummm...so now you like stewed tomatoes???
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Love them. They're good served cold with some cilantro on top as a side dish. Excellent in macaroni and cheese.
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My husband was the same way. He HATED stewed tomatoes..wouldn't touch them. Until I made a stewed tomato and green bean cassorole. I think it all depends how they are prepared. I didn't realize people put bread in stewed tomatoes. My family never did and that is what my husband didn't like. We just put a little bit of olive oil and italian seasoning and let it simmer. Great with mac & cheese and also great over mashed potatoes.
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Stewed tomatoes are a staple in my pantry! Unless we're talking different tomats - I buy canned tomatoes and use them in countless recipes.
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