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Avalanche in Colorado

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Oh heck, just heard this on Sky News , do we have any members from Colorado,00.html

Heres hoping all are OK an praying the rescue services get everyone out safely
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That's awful! I know that Jana (katachtig) and kluchetta are both from Colorado.
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Oh no! Colorado members please check in!
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Sending safe vibes their way
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Ahhh!!! thats terrible!!!! hope everyone's ok!!!!!!!
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Heidi is in Denver, I don't know where the others are exactly. Boulder maybe???
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This is west of the Denver metro area in the mountains. The main place this road (Berthoud Pass) goes to is the Winter Park ski resort. It would affect people traveling, but I don't think any residences were affected.

With all of the snow storms we're having, it is going to hard to keep up with the avalanche prone areas. There are certain roads where they have to close the road down and set off small explosives to relieve these areas.

I guess I don't check the news a lot on the weekend. I had to learn about this from someone in Spain.

BTW, Heidi, Kim and I all live in the Denver metro area.
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I'm here, safe and sound. Kim, Jana and I are all about an hour east of where the avalanche happened. I'm in Lakewood, Kim is in Golden, and Jana is in Louisville.

I sure hope that they are able to get everyone out OK. That pass can be pretty tight between peaks at times.
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Thanks for the update, Jana. Stay safe!
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I'm so glad to hear ya'll are not near there!
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OK - after finding out what is happening locally from Spain, I did decide that I should check the news and am I glad that I'm not going anywhere. Even though it was sunny, the main highway in my neck of the woods was closed down because of blowing snow. I think that it is a good day to spend napping with the kitties.
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The highway where the avalanche happened is now open again. There was only one injury that requires a stay in the hospital. Thank goodness it wasn't worse!
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Thank goodness that everyone's ok
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just checking in - from Spain - glad to hear our members are OK and that all were recovered from the avalanche.............sounds pretty crazy up there in "them there hills"

Stay Safe
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