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Do your indoor cats wear collars? Why or why not?

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I always go back and forth, and am not really sure if I should have a collar on Trout..Do your indoor kits have collars?

There is like a 0.5% chance she would ever get outside.
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Mine all wear collars and are microchipped. If they somehow got out I think there's more chance of getting them back if they have some ID.
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both mine have collars. it makes me feel safer b/c there is always some chance of them getting out, and i would want them to get back to me! like if they get picked up by someone they would know who to call.
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When I first adopted Puff I bought a harness because I was hoping he would like to go outside on a leash. However he seemed stressed by that and the last time I took him out he slipped out of the harness and went back inside. Then he started pulling the hair out from under the harness. So I took it off. Now he has a regular collar with an ID tag. I think it's important to keep ID on them even if in the house. You never know when they might slip between your feet and out the door. No matter how afraid of the big bad world they are.
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my kits are indoor/outdoor - no collars, but all chipped for ID
I dont particularly agree with collars, Dino looses his hair, Pepsi scritches at it and Moofi never tried one on her but I guess she´d go bananas - as long as pets are chipped then I think thats enough - IMO of course
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I have a collar on Sunshine with I.D. tag at all times, because you never know.
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No collars, but definately microchipped

Portia just wouldn't wear a collar, she would go hours not moving an inch as soon as I put it on her, and because she's an indoor kitty I just didn't push the point!
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All mine don't wear collars. Two go out supervised-one is to fat to run away and the other has a harness with a tag when hes out. years ago I had cat get caught on a endtable when he was rubbing it. the breakaway collar didnt unsnap. I still used them a little longer but by time I had 6 cats I gave up(they kept falling off when they would play). If mine got out I doubt many would ever get close enough to have id info read and we have enclosed porch so theres a "safety zone" when you got out.
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No. Ling did have a little collar on when we first moved (it was still too big for her) only cause we needed to hear where she was as she tried to sneak outside.

Most of my cats (pedigree or mixed) never wore collars cause they were show cats and you didn't want any collar marks on the show cats.
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well bella tore hers up but she is mostly upstairs unless i come down and it is very seldom that stormie travels downstairs and i put a collar on stormie until she kept trying to bite it off and then she got her foot caught so i just dont even put one on her and bella trys to scratch it off so i guess its a no collar for them
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Mine are just in case! I have one micro chipped because he was from the humane society and they chip.
Isis will be microchipped while we go away for a few days. I've having her boarded since she has asthma and needs her meds.
The other 2 will also be microchipped eventually. They all have collars with tags except Isis...she has enough trouble breathing but eventually i will put it back. I am afraid that even if they are chipped that people won't think about checking for it or don't know that it even exists.
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well this is probably going to sound stupid but I have collars on all my cats because I think they're purty no one has IDs either but the chance of my kits getting out is like .0000001%
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
well this is probably going to sound stupid but I have collars on all my cats because I think they're purty
Not stupid at all, my cats have everyday collars, birthday collars, seasonal collars for winter, summer, xmas etc.
My sister makes them for me so I can get just the design and colours I want.
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Originally Posted by katiemae1277 View Post
well this is probably going to sound stupid but I have collars on all my cats because I think they're purty no one has IDs either but the chance of my kits getting out is like .0000001%
I dont think this sounds stupid either....mine i got some pretty neat and decorative collars...mine just dont like to wear them i got this really cute pink one with little red rinestones and well no one will wear it
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My cats have all had collars and tags a couple months ago, but most lost them. They are all microchipped, and have an enclosed yard..and we hardly ever have one get out..so I am not all too worried about them wearing collars.
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Mine don't wear collars. I'm not keen on collars although I accept they can be useful if a cat gets out. That's if they stay on! When I tried collars on my boys when they were small (the snap away ones) they got them off almost every day. Maybe a different make would be better but I reckoned they weren't much use if they were always off.

There's a very low likelihood of mine getting out as there's only me to leave doors etc open and Jaffa hasn't escaped once in 9 years. If I was broken into I think Jaffa would hide behind the sofa rather than escape through an open window. Mosi is microchipped but Jaffa is not, although I have intended to get him done for a while.

I don't like the look of collars tbh - I prefer to be able to stroke them from heaed to tail without a collar getting in the way and they break up the 'line' visually when you look at a cat. I don't like the way they flatten the fur either, esp on long haired cats.
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Patch doesn't but that's because he hates them and ends up getting his paw up there some how and he ends up in a big mess.
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Our cats are microchipped, no collars. We have one door, so that's controlled access - especially since 99% of the time, we're the only ones coming in and out.

We tried a collar on PJ, and she refused to move. No eating, drinking, moving, nothing, she just crouched down wherever we put the collar on and stayed still. She was older (about 9), and maybe had never experienced a collar before - so we decided against them for our current living situation alltogether.
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No collar -- just micro-chip. My theory is -- if I see a kitty outside with a collar on I will think he is an indoor/outdoor kitty (like my neighbor's cat with a collar). So, I would never dream of picking him up or trying to catch him.

I did see a tag once that said something like "if you see me outside, I am lost" -- I thought that was pretty smart.
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Much has a collar with tags. Lucy was microchipped and I tried to put a collar on her but she kept getting her jaw caught on them. The break-away collars were impossible to get off of her when that happened. I did get the beastie band collars which were easier to get off but she still did that jaw thing and ripped one off. I decided to not put one on Carly who is also microchipped.

Still, I do have collars and tags for Lucy and Carly. I use them when I'm transporting them anywhere.
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Jacob wears a collar (he loves his pretty collar with it's shiny tags) but Loki refuses. They're both indoor boys, but are microchipped.
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Most of my cats wore collars. Felicia is the only one that fought them. On the other hand, if Shadow lost hers, she would keep meowing at me until I put it on again.
Inky, Cleo and Beau all wore collars. But it didn't matter one way or the other to them.
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My cats are neither microchipped, nor do they wear collars. They HATE the outside and run hide if they think I am going to take them out.
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Yes, because I live in a large, busy city with tons of people and tons of dangers, even if my cats have to get past a minimum of 2 locked doors to get outside. If they somehow ever did make it outside, they need to look owned, otherwise there's no end to the list of terrible things that could happen to them. They are microchipped and one of their tags says something like "If I am outside, I am lost." the back says "AVID microchip-reward for my safe return"

Mine also have always done just fine with collars...no shredding, no hair-loss, no nothing. Maybe I'm just lucky!
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No collar. I like things "au natural". If my grandmother was still alive she would tell you that if God had wanted cats to wear collars they would have been born with one.
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Wow, thanks for all the replies. Trout doesn't mind the collar, but my ex always said she looks cuter without it...I don't know though...hmmmmmm..
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Mine are all micro-chipped but no collars, with the long hair it would not work and they would have a fit. Did try to keep one on Joey because he's indoor/outdoor but he loses it everytime. Teddy our cat at my husband's office wears one, he doesn't mind it
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My cats all wear collars. I order the Ragtime collars and have them personalized with our phone number, so I don't have to hang tags on them. (I also usually cut the bells off, because I know I wouldn't want to listen to a bell jingling every time I moved!) Blue just lost her collar somewhere in the house and I couldn't find it, so I ordered her a new one when I ordered our new boy Thomas' collar.

I also microchip all my kitties. Delilah and Midget have their chips, Blue will get hers on Tuesday when she gets spayed, and Thomas will get his when he goes for his initial check-up tomorrow. Chipping is wonderful if kitty ends up in a shelter, but I'm afraid that if my indoor kitties got out they might be taken in by someone who never checks for a chip. Hence the collars!
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My cats are indoors only and don't wear collars. I'm the only person here so chances are very slim they would ever get out. They are all microchipped though.
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Our girls all wear collars. Mainly because if they do and they get found with no collars, I'd hate people to think they were strays and just keep them. If they get found with a collar, people (I hope) would be more likely to look for an owner.
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