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Flea's on new kitty

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Hi Everyone! I've got a strange question and hopefully someone can help me. I recently got another kitty almost 3 weeks ago. I just had her spayed on the 9th and I was wondering if it would be ok to put the Frontline Plus on her now since she just had surgery. I've had great luck with the product on my other two kitties, but I've noticed that Tiki is starting to itch a lot around her neck. Also, her previous owners had her declawed on all four paws...so I don't know if she's just got a normal itch or if she's got fleas (since she doesn't have claws I'm sure it's hard to scratch an anoying itch!). I've checked her over a hundred times, but she's got long thick hair and I can't see all the way to the skin. I thought that since the other cats are on Frontline, I should put her on it too so it doesn't re-infect my other animals.
So...what do ya think? Should I wait another week or two before I put that on her? Or should I wait to see if she starts itching more? Any suggestions would be great!
p.s..I've attached a photo of her. It's she beautiful! I don't know why anyone could give up this sweet little baby!
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She would be fine if you put the frontline on her. It wont bother the incision at all. As far as the itching, I would see if it continues. It may very well be a sort of allery or something else causing this. She's been through quite a bit, so I am sure she's a little stressed.
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My kitten, Tink, is white and had fleas when we first found her. When we saw her itching, we'd wet her down and easily see the fleas. If you kitty's okay with getting wet, try that - then you'll see those ugly little black bugs.

Good luck.
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