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cat slowly turning into alpha?

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I noticed my smaller new female cats behaviour changes as time goes by. She use to ttoally submit to the other cats but now it looks like she is turning the tables and sometimes pushes the other cats around (like throws them off a chair she wants to sit on) SHocking because she was so not like this before!

Is this how it usually goes? even alpha cats at first act submissive then over time they turn into the top cat??
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My Tino was shy, reserved and timid the first year of his life and then one day that all changed. He now is the one that will come through and open up a can if he even thinks any of the others are getting out of hand, except for his Mother. I guess it would continuously change through out their lives.
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Buffy's definitely the Alpha, I think she always was (well, Willow raised her for a while, but when Buffy went through her teen stage, I think that's when she realized she had POWER, lol). When we got Molly, though, she (Molly, not Buffy) was soooo timid and she didn't even dare move when equally timid Willow would come to sniff her. That's probably because Buffy thought her status was threatened, and made it a point to smack Molly every time their paths crossed. But anyway, after a while Molly settled into her new home and while she's not Alpha, she's definitely a higher ranking over Willow. Not that she hits her or growls at her or anything, but she thinks nothing of butting Willow's head out of the way so she can gobble down Willow's food, lol (she doesn't dare do that to Buffy)
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My kitten has started to do the same thing! She is only 5 months and we have had her for about a month and a half now and I am noticing her starting to challenge our existing 2 year old cat. They started doing this slow waving head thing where they wave their heads slowly back and forth at each other while never losing eye contact. I thought it was the craziest thing! I figured it had to do with the kitten challenging our cat Hollie about dominance. I have also noticed a few small scratches on the kittens nose which tells me that they have gotten in a few arguments while I am not at home. I know they need to work it out between themselves though, it is just interesting to see. I am not sure how big the kitten is going to get (she is a tabby) but I am sure I will see more of this challenge behavior as she gets older! My older cat is very territorial and I didn't think she would give up her alpha stature without a fight.
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bella used to be an alpha cat i think she and stormie are sisters now and i dont think they are in competetion because they both get love and attention and well bella cuddles more than stormie although Stormie and Bella start to hiss at the other kitties now..stormie is still a kitten so idk and well Bella used to like the cats shell smell wherever they have been but she usually hisses after stormie starts so maybe stormie became the Alpha cat here Now willie when we had him that was definetly him he was the top cat and no one was getting his place although he hissed and growled and sometimes would just go and hit them with his paws although Midnight use to chase him all the time...what can I sya though willie was the KING OF THIS HILL mind u when will came here he was with cats then for a short period he was the only one then more came and he was the top cat but it was over a matter of 4 years till he became "top" cat
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