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Kitten intimidating Adult Cat?

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Hi. I am wondering how it is that my seven month old kitten is pushing my seven YEAR old cat, Pixel, around during feeding time. Each of my three felines, the two male kittens and my female Pixel, have unique eating habits, but they all eat at the same time and this has been helping them associate with each other, but for the past two months or so Peeka, the most outgoing of the kittens, seems to be able to simply walk over to Pixel and Pixel will walk away from her dish no matter how much food is left in it.

And Peeka isn't finished with his food either. He just likes to see what's in Pixel's bowl.

How can Pixel be letting Peek get away with this without a fight? She always bats him in the head otherwise, at any other time when he is annoying her. In fact, he is definitely not her favorite, Boo is.
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My Mother cat will walk away if any of the others come to eat, but she is still the Queen of her throne. I sometimes think she just waits to eat when she can do it by herself. I free feed.
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Yes, Pixel will come back to feed later from all three bowls, but I think I will start feeding her alone, in addition to with the kittens, her wet food, because as it is now, there must be some stress involved, although she seems fine about it...it's kind of interesting to me....living with three of them...

I feed dry food all day too but I like them to get wet food three times a day for the kittens and twice a day for Pix. Thanks for the feedback, this is very helpful. I do worry.
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My 2 year old cat will walk away one one of the Kittens or 8 month old comes to eat.

After they eat the food, we give the 2 year old a little more.
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