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Pictures of my baby niece

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She is such a doll and I wanted to share her with you all she is my first niece and I hope to have a nephew some day as well and maybe to give her some cousins. These were all taken when she was 9 months old and she is going to be 11 months old on the 9th.

There's my babygirl
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what an adorable baby girl How is she feeling now?
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Read my little update on her. Basically she's still sick but seems to be improving.
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She's adorable
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Awwwwwwwwwww, aren't neices just the BEST
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Awww! She is soooo sweet! She does need a baby brother, so he can watch out for her when she's a teenager!

I'm about to be an Aunt like 3 times over the next few months! 2 will be nephews! My 'niece' (best friend's baby) is due in 3 weeks!
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awwww, what a cutie!!!!!!
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Thank you all so much you should all see her in action shes walking around a bit although mostly while holding on to things and she gets so excited when she tries to walk by herself that she falls on her bottom. And she loves dogs she gets tickled to death when she sees one. She gets that from me. And she loves Tavia but she doesn't get to see her that much. I am afraid to let her pet Tavia yet because she still tends to pull on dogs without meaning too and I am affraid that Tavia would scratch her although the only person she has ever scratched on purpose was the vet. She loves Macy but we have to be careful with them because Macy is so big and she might knock her over or step on her and hurt her.
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Shes soooo precious!!
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Awww she is so cute!
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awww! what a cutie pie!!!!!!
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She's a beautiful baby! Having nieces and nephews is great... my daughter is 8 and all her cousins range from 22 to 32! When are they going to start having babies, I'd like to know!

Cheers, from
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Awww - what a little sweetheart!
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