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Separated after neuter???

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George was neutered on thursday and when bf went to pick him up, he was surprised to hear that the vet wanted him kept separated from Addie for the first 4 days. She said it was to keep his activity level low, as being six month old kittens, they'd likely be playing hard together or as we call it UKW or "Ultimate Kitten Wrassling".

Well, I've been through 2 alters before, Sammy-a-go-go a neuter and Lola a spay, and while I was told to keep them as calm as possible, I never had to separate Lola when she came home. And they didn't really stress the point with Sam either, who btw couldn't have been kept still......and in fact proved he earned the a-go-go part of his name when he came out of anaesthetic a short while after the surgery and began alertly and energetically trying to play with the very surprised vet techs through his cage at a point when most cats are still completely out.

Anyway, maybe it's just that this vet, who is a different vet than the one who altered Sam and Lola, is more cautious or something. Or maybe she's right and the others were wrong. Either way, we're following the advice, as we'd rather be safe than sorry.

But, I'm wondering, did your vet reccommend separating the newly altered from the other kits when you brought him or her home?
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The newly altered cat is still recovering from surgery, and also smells different, and smells strongly of stress.

After George has had a day or so to recover from surgery, try rubbing a towel on your other cats, then rubbing it all over George, so he smells more like his housemates and less like the vet clinic. That will help them to accept him back as one of the group. It might also help to plug in a Feliway diffuser - a calming pheromone plug-in that you can get it at pet supply stores.
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Mine didnt. But it was 3.5 years ago. I took 4, 6 month olds to be spay/neutered. The boys were fine by the next day. Kiko was actually jumping to the top of doors, which the vet said try to keep him from doing. Laura had to go back and stay at the vets because she kept pulling her stitches and then staples.
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When Corwin was neutered, I also had Lilly spayed and all that I was told was to keep them from playing hard.They suggested keeping them in thye crate for the first few hours because of the Anesthesia and pain shot.But, other than that.........nothing.
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