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Strange kitten noises

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Im new to this site. Just wanted some advice about my kitten.
Her name is Zorro and right now she is still an indoor kitten. She is 6 months and 2 weeks old and is a tabby moggy. She hasnt been spayed yet. She is a hyperactive little thing and is always on the go and really loveable at the same time to all humans.

She has recently started to be quite noisy, like meowing quite a lot, usally at the normal time like wanting food or wanting attention but she has now started doing weird little yelps mostly when she is looking out the window or she makes a werid noise when she runs?? It sounds really weird Ive had cats before but have never heard this noise from a cat. Not sure what it is anyone got any advice or heard this before?
Heres a pic of her the little beauty
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She may be in heat, at 6 months she's more than old enough to be spayed, it can be done from 8 weeks old.
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Speaking of strange noises, Peeka, a Siamese mix kitten, talks in his sleep. You can hear him here on this dark video clip. The first time he did this in bed with me just freaked me out to no end. I had no idea he was buried under some pillows--I couldn't imagine what this noise is. Check it out:

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