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A rare moment

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This was a rare moment because Miss Dianna (the larger calico) doesn't like to snuggle with another kitty. I guess Sissy (the baby) said just the right thing.

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So sweet! I love it when you catch the one that doesn't really like the others much doing something special like that.
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Awww, that's adorable!
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Awww, they are so cute! Don't you love when you catch those rare moments? I know I do! Thanks for sharing.
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Awwwwwwwwwww how sweet. Everyone needs a little love sometime
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aww..........baby´s getting a wash.......those moments are just so wonderful and now we can all see it - thanks so cute
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They are adorable...I have never seen a calico with so much dark fur before, they are both gorgeous
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Ever so sweet!
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awe that is soo cute and soo sweet they look so adorable together and so comfy
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So sweet!
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