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I can't sleep...

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Uhhh! It's 1:30 in the morning and I still can't sleep. I'm like a total insomniac tonight. It doesn't help that I have to be at work at 8 in the morning. Would someone like to run the entire floral department for me please An 8 1/2 hour work day on a Saturday just does not sound appealing to me at the moment- i seriously don't wanna spend all day tomorrow designing Geesh! I hope I get the new job at the animal shelter - lol....at least my hours will be normal! I think i'll try taking a shower and see if that makes me tired. Anyone else awake at the moment who needs to be sleeping?
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well i gotta go to the pet store early tomarrow but thank goodness not that early...my moms a housecleaner and she got a job to do tomarrow morning so i wont have to wake up early...and i am so off track from when we got stormie spayed we had to be there at by 8 am and i couldnt fall asleep until after 6 am so i got a half hour sleep that night then i went to work with my mom sat on her friends couch and i was knocked out !!! Although for school my schedule has been at night time (i am a total insomniac) and well for some reason it aint letting me access the website at night and i got stuff i gotta turn in geezz...so i guess maybe it might be an early day for me tomarrow anyways !!! what can u do tho
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Sorry you can't sleep eithor / My mom cleans houses too! She's been self-employeed since I was a baby and does a lot of private homes Does your mom own her own business?
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ya my mom does, she did work for people before and she relized that well they werent honest and stealing from the people and everything and alot of those costumers came to her when she started her own...she is the only one that does it! She's been doing it for a lot of years now...usually she doesnt work on saterdays but because of the meeting for the new kitties she just rescheduled what my mom did was made business cards and such and ut ads in the paper and people are also referring her to their friends their children and such, its pretty cool...although my brother treid to get his wife to go to work with my mom and my mom was like no way this is my business but me and my other brother go to work with her sometimes some of her costomers are really cool and pay us our own then taking it out of my moms the one lady pays my mom $17 an hour and me and my brother will get $10 and my mom does her alot because she is so disorganized
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I can't sleep either. My skin itches, the cats are taking up the whole bed, my pajamas are making a wedgie, I just can't get comfortable. It was funny, after laying there for 3 hours. I got up and came to the computer, and the first post I see is "I can't sleep" I don't have to work tomorrow, today, but there are things I want to do and be at 9 am. I think I will play some online pretend poker.
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Are you stressed?
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