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Can I also get a hug, perhaps?

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So, today I found out that a classmate of mine from high school shot himself in the head following a high-speed police chase. He was apparently suicidal, which is why the police were pursuing him.

I didn't know him well, but he was in a few of my classes and seemed like a very nice guy. Didn't seem despondent at all 4 years ago, but we know how quickly things can change.

Tragedy has sort of been following us around. I think a total of 13 kids from the year I started kindergarten have passed away for one reason or another. When I was a senior, the shining star of our class (who I was sort of friends with and had known since we were 8) was killed in a car accident on the way to a speech team function (he was captain) and there was no foul play or drinking involved. Another friend of mine since kindergarten died during an asthma attack when we were 16. Two girls hanged themselves when we were in 8th grade. Another girl died while experimenting with drugs for thee first time, I believe. In another case, a young man in our class got behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated and slammed into a tree. He walked away, but the girl on the passenger side was killed. We were again 16.

It just depresses me to continually go to funerals and see my friends bein pall bearers. I'm only 21! This is not right!
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You're right - it's not right! Big hugs for you - you know that we are all here for you!
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ahh! thats horrible!!!! you need lots of hugs!
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There is nothing right about any of this, I am so sorry to hear all of this
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Aw, what a string of awful events.. I'm sorry
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True. It's not right! for you.
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I know what u mean I am a senior now and well I should of graduated last year but too much drama at my school and it was really bad...but anways every year since I was in 8th grade someone has died for another reason or 8th grade it was one of the most popular kids in the highschool and well known in the junior high played on the football team and everything seemed so happy he hung himself my one best friends cousin also died by hanging but she did it on accident she wasnt even trying to commit suicide and everything...someone died from cykacell (sorry dont kno how to spell it) and last year one kid was shot with another over a playstation it was a bet and the kid one the game so the other kid shot him and then went to find the other kid in the house and shot him that was last year....its just horrible up here and it never falls every year!!! But I am sending u guys good vibes and I hope everything changes and becomes good
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oh I'm sorry to hear that. I don't understand why things happen like that. Wish I did.
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Lots of hugs are speeding your way...
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Hugs and love to you!
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Lots and lots of hugs and positive energy coming from over here!!!
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incoming hug.

i do understand, after high school i can think 9 classmates that moved on.
with in 5 years.

take care
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It shocks me that so many bad things are happening in the world now adays. I think my DH and I are going to be ok not having kids just so they don't have to deal with all of the things like this too. We've a things like that happen here as well, though the most shocking and sad one happened, right after I graduated. A boy I graduated with and his girlfriend (who was in our class as well) was shot by his younger brother (who I knew) and killed and he also killed is father (who my mother worked with) and mother and grandfather. But 5 people were killed. Within a few weeks my aunt passed away at 46 then 13 days later my mother passed away at 44. So... it was a real crappy year! This world is just messed up!
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Im only 21 as well and have lost a LOT of friends and some family along the way...

The first was when I was 14. My grandfather died of cancer.

When I was 15. A guy who was in MANY of my classes (we weren't very close but he was always so nice and a great person to talk to) was driving home with his family from a summer vacation. He had just gotten his permit and his parents were letting him drive. They had the infamous bridgestone/firestone tires on there ford explorer. While he was driving, one of the tires blew out, and little expiriance driving he lost control of the car. His entire family was killed. Everyone except him. He was never the same.

When I was 16 a friend of mine decided to give up on life. He hung himself from his bedroom ceiling fan. It seemed to have started a horrible chain reaction. Following his death, two other people (who I was not friends with) also committed suicide. Then another one of my friends brothers committed suicide.

The day before the 1 year annivsary of my friends suicide, my grandmother died from complications from a broken leg.

When I was 18, a bunch of guys from my classes went out celebrating on a boat. They got drunk and mad at one of the guys I knew. They told him he could swim back home.... He never made it to the shore.

Death is a part of life. There is some greater plan and everything DOES happen for a reason, even if we dont see it right away. If my friend hadn't committed suicide I wouldn't have met my husband. We both knew him and became friends after his death. We have been togther now for 5 years. JUst remember that there is something greater at work. Im sorry for all of your lost loved ones and the pain that you must feel now. Just remember the things that made them special to you. With time you will see the bigger picture.

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Major hugs coming that way!!!!
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Sending lots of hugs all around
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I can really empathize. I attended a "magnet school", and my class was just about the smallest (865, in parallel sections) the school had ever had. Nevertheless, my class was dubbed the "death class" within five years of our graduation, because we'd lost so many people. And continue to do so. Sometimes I think we've been jinxed. Who dies in childbirth nowadays? How many "freak" accidents are there, and what are the chances of so many people dying of cancer or being murdered? Whenever I feel like complaining about getting old, I think of all my classmates who never made it to 20, 30, or 40.
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whizzing some special hugs n stuff from Spain and my kits
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How horrible and tragic! Sending lots of hugs and vibes your way.
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Hugs and vibes.
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I'm so sorry. It's especially saddening because all of these kids are so young.
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I know how you feel. I graduated in 2003 and since then I have lost 5 classmates for one reason or another.....And I lost another friend my freshman year. It is very hard. Hugs coming your way
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Sending lots of hugs ... and just a slightly cynical this is aveages in action...
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