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Recurring Diarrhea

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This is about my 11 month old male Marley who keeps getting diarrhea. The first time we took him to the vet, he didn't have any parasites so the vet gave us some pills to give him. We had also started giving him a different kind of food so we went back to the old one. For whatever reason the diarrhea went away. A few weeks ago he had it again, this time he started getting it on a Friday evening so we got him some over the counter cat diarrhea medicine and again it went away. Now he has it again, strangly enough on a Friday evening. I won't be able to take him to the vet until Monday the earliest. I started giving him the over the counter stuff again so hopefully this will at least stop the diarrhea until we can take him to the vet. I was wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences. He is in perfect health otherwise. He is very active, has a great appetite, and drinks plenty of water. He also has no signs of dehidration. Everything else about him is perfectly normal except that he keeps getting diarrhea. There have been no changes in his diet (He eats Purina Complete Care Dry food, and a can of Iams wet kitten food about once a week). I also gave them caned tuna as a treat over the holidays but the last time he had that was on Monday and the diarrhea didn't start again until tonight. I also have a 23 month old female who has never had diarrhea. Does anyone know what could be causing this. I read that it may be overfeeding, they get a bowl full of food in the morning and one in the evening, is that too much? Any information anyone could give me would be great.
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did the vet take a stool sample???

He may need a higher quality food
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What OTC stuff are you giving him? Most folks here swear by giving them some canned pumpkin (not the pie filling - just the pure pumpkin puree from a can). You mix a spoonful with his food and it should help with the diarrhea - at least until you can see the vet.

Plain, unflavoured yoghurt is also supposed to be good as well. Same method, mix a spoonful with his food.

Personally I would try those before I would use OTC medications.
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Yes, I took a stool sample to the vet when I took him, she tested it for parasites and didn't find any. I don't know if she tested for anything else but if she did she didn't find anything wrong. I have been giving him Pet Pectillin, it is a diarrhea medication that I got at Petsmart, I going to try the pumpkin tomorrow. I also didn't mention that he isn't constantly going. He only has the diarrhea a few times a day, it's not like he is constantly going and can't hold it in. Like I said he is acting perfectly normal except when he does deficate it's watery.
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try the pumpkin.. can you list the first few ingrediant s on what your giving him??

I would ask the vet to do some blood work see if there is a bacterial infection
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The only ingredients listed are pectin and kaolin. I am going to try the pumpkin, Based on what I read he I think he might have IBD. I read that feeding him a certain kind of food can cure this, does anyone know what kind of food I should get. Is any sensitive stomach food good?
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IBD is quite serious... you may want to start with a food without by products or corn...
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In the article I read it said that cats with IBD have pretty normal lives except that they need to be on a special diet. I read a lot of different things, some say an all wet diet is best, others say that there are certain brands of foods you can buy. Can you recommend any particular food, or do you know of any that don't contain corn or byproducts? The all wet diet would be hard because my other cat won't go near wet food, she even covers it up with whatever is on the floor. And Marley will eat just about anything so he will end up eating whatever I give Blue. That's why I have been giving them the Purina Complete Formula. Is there a food that I can give both of them that will help with Marley's diarrhea?
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Try Jarrodophilus - human grade ingredients works like a charm!

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I've been mixing the pumpkin in with some wet food and feeding him that twice a day. The diarrhea cleared right up and hasn't been back. Thank you all for the advice.
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