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Pilling cat, she foams?

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Right after pilling my cat she foams from her mouth a little, sometimes spitting up the pills. This is the same cat I mentioned earlier on my vomiting thread (where the vet said nothing's wrong with her).

Is this normal? What does it mean? Help?
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foaming is often a sign the pill was bitter ( or so said my vet)
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You can get pill pockets (like a cat treat but with a hole in the middle to hide the pill) to help you get the pills into your baby. We had to do that for Mika and Bijou and they ate them up with no problem. We got ours at the local pet store.
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Bitter pills definitely make kitties foam. You can try coating the pill with Cheez Whiz or cream cheese, or you can buy empty gel capsules to put the pill inside of--anything so that the pill doesn't touch the kitty's tongue directly.
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You might also want to try a pill gun. We use that, and it works wonders with Teddy - it has turned him into an excellent piller. We just open his mouth all the way, and drop the pill straight down his throat, so it doesn't dissolve anywhere in his mouth.
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I agree with the pill gun, once you get that hang of using one the whole process of medicating your cat is easier.
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