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A little about me....late intro

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Well I have been here off and on for several mths but I am just now becoming more active on the board. So I figured I would post a little intro about me and my family.

I am 26 yrs old and married. Been married for 5 yrs been with the hubby in total of 8 yrs.

We have 3 boys age 6yrs, 5yrs and 3 yrs old. My oldest is pretty healthy but did have to have kidney surgery when he was 4 yrs old. He was born with a birth defect that was not caught till he was around 4 yrs old. Had surgery to take care of that.

My 5 yr old was born with a cleft palate. He has had 2 surgeries to correct that plus had a surgery done called a p-flap. He is also develop mentally delayed by about 2 yrs. He was recently diagnosed as being growth hormone deficient so now he has to take growth hormone shots (at home) 3 times a week for the next 2 yrs (at least).

My 3 yr old is pretty healthy as well but recently had his tonsils and anoids removed as well as have his turbinates reduced. He got strep throat and the tonsils and anoids permanently swelled so we had them taken out.

Ping well he is our spoiled baby (ok cat but don't tell him that). He came to us mid May 2006. He was orphaned by his mom when he was around 6 wks old. He was so small that he could easily fir in the palm of our hand. But now he is big strong and healthy.

So thats us.
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Welcome Ping. I hope you'll stay around, post, get to know all of us as well. This is a great place to meet new people, see beautiful fur babies, get loads of wonderful advice and information for your beautiful kitty.
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Welcome to TCS You sound like you have a lovely family, you must keep very busy!! Ping sounds sweet too!
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Welcome to TCS Ping! We look forward to seeing you on the forums!
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hello! hope to see you posting. this is a great site. ping sounds sweet.
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