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Contest Announcement Inside!!!

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This Contest is Open To All Members

Snuggle on up to this idea, as it will require putting on your thinking caps.

The First Official Contest for TheCatsite.com is an ESSAY CONTEST geared toward a Heart-Warming Rescue Story

Submit one essay 500 words or less, about a C-A-T Rescue.

When you finish your essay, submit it to the Paws and Reflect Forum then notify a moderator to lock it down. The mod will then let the 3 judges know the story is there.

Make sure your essay is YOUR Original work and has never appeared in print before.

The Contest will run the entire month of October. The Winner will be announced November 10th

Follow this link to see the prize being offered to the winner:


The Prize for the winning Essay is a SNUGGLEKITTIE This cleverly crafted stuffie would be a crucial tool for rescue work. It comes with a mechanical heart, heat packs, a bottle holder positioned in such a way that the orphan kitties can snuggle against the belly and nurse just like they would with mom! There are no removable eyes, they are stitched. Everything about this product spells S-U-C-C-E-S-S.

I wish all of you who enter, great success in trying to impress our 3 esteemed judges, and no, they do not accept bribes!

So Good Luck!

Also, the winning entry will be posted in the Paws and Reflect Forum and unlocked for others to be able to post their comments. During the entire month of October, the SnuggleKittie company will extend to anyone who mentions either TheCatsite.com or Meowhoo.com a 10% discount on one of their many stuffies they offer.
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Can we submit more than one entry? Also, does it only apply to rescues as in those cats who have been rescued from cruel/heartbreaking situations or does it also apply to rescues in general (for instance with my kitties and the fire).
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It will be one essay per member. And it is just a rescue of a cat or a kitten it does not matter what the circumstances were behind it. Just an essay about the rescue of a cat that you were somehow involved in.
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Do we have to give our furbabies the snugglepet if we win?? I'd like to curl up with it in bed

PS No chance! Big kitty teeth and claws would attack me and they'd gang up on me and run off with it!! :laughing2 :laughing:
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Is the right way to notify a moderator by clicking on the "report this post to a moderator" button down at the bottom of the thread once the post is up? Or was I supposed to do something different? Thanks, Laurie
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Hi Laurie,

The easiest way is to just click on one of the Mod's names and then you are taken to their profile. Click on send a PM and let them know that the essay is in place. Thanks!
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Hissy! ...So if there is only one entry per member, and I assume you and Anne can't participate, then who gets to write up Samoa's story?

This is the kind of problem we LIKE to have!!!

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We are waiting for the final outcome for Samoa, but trust me, the story will be told! Thanks again for all you did- you are awesome!
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If you have a story to submit you need to get it in quickly. The contest ends this Thursday. Thanks to those of you who have submitted your Rescue Stories- they are all wonderful. I am glad I am not a judge. The stories will be read without the judges knowing who wrote them- just in case you wondered.

Thanks also to the three moderators who said they would be judges for this.
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