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Litter issue

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I have a problem with one of my cat who won't cover up her poo. They have been using feline pine for many months now and she just started to not cover up her poo recently. My other one is a digger so he has no problem cover anything up. I've read articles that cat behaves like this may have something to do with depression/ stress but it is often due to declawed cats. Mine are not declawed and will never either.

Does anyone have the same issue with their cat?
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I would guess half the cats (clawed or not) cover, and half don't. I would not worry about it. Personally, I scoop about once a day so it doesn't matter to me if they don't dig - I kinda don't like them digging too much as they track the litter in the carpet when they dig.
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I'm concern because she use to bury but now she stopped. It really stinks up whenever she doesn't bury and it's driving my bf crazy. We clean their litter box daily or especially right after they do their #2.
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yeah one of my cats used to not cover up his poop at all. when we got him he was really depressed. but now that he's not depressed he covers up his poop more, but still sometimes leaves it uncovered.

my friend has a cat who never covers up his poop, and he's definately not depressed.

so what i'm trying to say is, you may have a depressed cat, but just as likely or even more likely, you have a cat who just doesn't want to take the time to cover up it's poo. it must take too long.

i wouldn't be worried about it, unless she's showing odvious signs of depression. is she still eating normally? is her fur healthy and shiny, and she grooms herself? does she get up and play at least once in a while, instead of being lethargic? as long as her attitude is normal, i really wouldn't worry about it.

if you're still concerned though, you may want to talk to your vet.

hope this helps!
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Daisy is on laps as I'm typing.

She is eating normal and plays with me and her buddy often. Fur is shiny and healthy looking, and extremely soft too. She has her moments of wanting 100% of my attention.

One of my friend mentioned to me about this alpha male thing so I think Jumpy, my other cat, is definitely the alpha male cat, which Daisy may feel a bit inferior. Just a guess so I try to treat them equally well.

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I read somewhere that not covering their poop is like saying it's their territory.

One of mine doesn't cover, not sure who it is, but Spritzer always comes along and covers it up for them
I have 10 boxes for 7 cats so they have enough boxes to choose from.
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My Geeker never covers her poo, and it stinks to high heaven!!! I just go and cover for her (with a handy utinsile I keep just for that purposse) if I am too busy to scoop at that moment. She does keep me on my toes though, and I usually scoop morning and night. I have two large pans for three cats and they all use either pan they want. I would rather have to cover for her than have her refuse to use the pan.
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