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Just caught this thread and I'm adding my thoughts and get well Stoli vibes too!!!
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We really hope Stoli will get well very soon and nothing is wrong with him. We are hoping the best for you.
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Checking in on Stoli, I am praying for the best news possible!
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Continued prayers for you and Stoli. Heres hoping they can get to the bottom of this soon and he can start feeling better again. (((((((((Eat Stoli)))))))))))) vibes
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hi everyone,

stoli has been sleeping for about 3 hours now. just dozing - waking up if someone moves. . . he's had his pill and i'm wondering if i should syringe him some water or more food
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i hate the internet, it has too much information for someone who is asking questions. . . .

could this be FIP?
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i found this from mzjazz2u

By the way, it's been 1 1/2 months and Jake is eating well and back up to 10 lbs. He's chasing a toy mouse as I sit here and climbing the cat condo! He still hasn't gotten all his fur back but it will take a few months. It looks like the vet pathologist at work was correct. He said he believed Jake got an inflammed bowel that led to stop eating eventually. I had tried to switch his food over the previous few months and it was apparently a really bad idea. I guess my point is that I would question strongly any diagnosis of corona virus/FIP. Guess I didn't really need to go through the whole story! Just felt like sharing it!
the inflammed bowel seems familiar.
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Has he eaten any more yet? hope he is feeling a bit better
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FIP is very, very difficult to diagnose. But according to my vet, the signs would be a "hyper protein state" (high level of blood proteins - anything above 7.6 is a major red flag) combined with anemia, fever, and loss of appetite.

If your vet suspected FIP, he would most likely be doing an ultrasound to look for fluid collecting in your kitty's abdomen and/or lungs, not a biopsy.

But no matter what the problem is, I hope they discover it soon and that Stoli is quickly on the road to complete recovery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sending major "be completely healthy" vibes to your Stoli, and "be strong" vibes to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Stoli has just had about 5 cc's of chicken baby food and fortiflora. he seemed to tolerate it well. we are going to syringe him some water in a few minutes. he's alert but not active - luxor's not helping us any. he's just pooped outside the litter box because we had to isolate him while stoli was getting his food.

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he just doesn't want to drink water - i know the baby food has water in it but what else can i do? - what is that milk supplement?
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oh yeah KMR - can i give that to him?
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Originally Posted by Renovia View Post
oh yeah KMR - can i give that to him?
I don't see why not, or if you have any tuna in springwater perhaps he might drink some of the water, you could dilute it a bit but it should smell of tuna.
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i think i have some tuna - i hadn't tried that because he has always turned up his nose to it.. . .
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Rather than KMR, see if you can find milk for adult cats--KMR is designed for kittens. Some of the brand names include Cat Sip and Whiskas Cat Milk. Some vets also have a liquid food called Rebound.
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I haven't any brilliant suggestions, but lots of vibes in stock, and ready for transmission }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} Hope you get some good answers real soon, and your sweet boy feels better
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i couldn't find the 'adult' cat milk but i did get some pedialyte. he's starting to avoid me. But at least he's being nice about it. Not saying much, just avoiding.
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You could also try liquid yogurt, or Kefir, to get some fluids into him. Or chicken/beef broth. Watered down custard/vanilla pudding/quark works with some cats.
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well i needed to get out of the house for an hour or so. hubby and i mixed pedialyte, fortiflora, and a/d in a syringe and stoli HATES it, but he's gonna eat it.
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Sending get well vibes to Stoli)})})})})}

My Precious is kind of sick right now and also not wanting water it seems. I've been giving her Lactaid milk and I got some of the Meow Mix Market Selects to give her because they seem pretty juicey.

I've also syringed some water into her, but not much since the milk and cat food are probably doing a pretty good job of keeping her hydrated.

Good Luck with getting your Stoli past this bump.
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Stoli has had 7 more ccs of a/d pedialyte fortiflora. he WILL finish this martini tonight. i'm watching james bond right now. I feel so bad for my baby. thankyou for all your vibes. i need them
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C'mon, Stoli! Eat up! It may be yukky, but it's good for you. You do want to get well, don't you?
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of course he wants to get well, he's got mice to hoard and obsess over! He only has 3 cc's left out of the 12 a/d pedialyte fortiflora martini.
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Here's some {{{eat for your Meowmy}}} vibes for Stoli. This must be so hard for you. Come on Stoli, eat for your meowmy so you can be a big, strong kitty and chase those mice.
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well stoli has one more shot of his pedialyte martini. If he can have that he will have had a BUNCH of food today and not thrown it up (i'm knocking on wood). I gave him his special mouse today that he was growling over in that video and he really wanted it. It was good to see him play. I have to keep my hopes up but realistic. If his WBC are really that low, it's probably terminal. But if this thing is viral i KNOW he can fight it.
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Just looking in to see how my little friend is feeling today.
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I have only just found this thread, and have everything crossed that this is something viral that he can fight.
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Many, many Health and Healing }}}VIBES{{{ heading to Stoli and lots of to you
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Well, last night stoli had 11 ccs of his martini. he slept with me last night - i think he knows when i have bad dreams. this morning he had 1/4 of a can of his wellness (which is normal) mixed with 5 tablespoons of pedialyte. and about 15 pieces of dry food. I don't think he can smell his food. I'll bring him into the bathroom with me when i shower this morning.
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Hey Renovia - I'm really sorry to her that Stoli's not well. Here's lots of (((((((((((((((Get well now vibes))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) for Stoli.
And ((((((((keep your chin up))))))))))) vibes for you.

Come on Stoli, everyone on TCS is rooting for you, get well soon.
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