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OMG Stoli CBC .8

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I need all your vibes everyone.

Last night I posted that Stoli seemed bummed and was eating slowing (but still eating) I took him to the vet tonight and found out that his CBC was something like .8 or something ridiculously low. He doesn't have a UTI or FLV and the vet said that his white blood cells could be attacking a fecal blockage (as there was a lot of gas in his intestines and there was a small blockage) OR it could be bone marrow disease. Either way - if his count doesn't go up ASAP it's terminal. He is going back in tomorrow for another test and he has special food for tonight to get some nutrients in him.
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WHATT!??? OMG I'm so sorry - it seems like the Russian Blues are all sick right now. I'm sending good, good vibes to Stoli, and to you for your icky week back to work.
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for you and lots and lots of vibes for Stoli
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i'm praying praying praying - i hope this isn't terminal. i'll live with all the vet bills in the world
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I'm not going to continue looking up stuff but take a look at this site

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Do you mean PCV?
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i don't know what you are referring to - i'm referring to what ever that article is about.
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Don't panic, Stoli will sense this. I know it's going to be hard, but do your best to just give the supportive care your Vet has recommended and just dote on Stoli.
I will be pulling for you and Stoli to have a positive outcome to all of this.
Keep your chin up.....I'm sure you'll have this whole sites vibes backing you up.
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My thoughts and prayers are with you...
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I suspect you mean his PCV (packed cell volume?) It is also called "Hematocrit." If this is what you are referring to, you must mean "8" not "0.8"? Unless your vet was referring to it in the decimal form rather than the "number" form - then it would be 0.08, which is 8%, usually referred to as "8." I don't think your kitty would be alive if it were 0.8 - less than 1%. And if he's speaking in percent terms, then the number still doesn't make sense because 80% is WAY above normal and I don't think a number that high is even possible. However, a PCV of 8 (or 8%) is very low, though our Tuxedo survived worse (24% - 45% is normal). If this is what you are referring to, is there a reason your vet is not considering a blood transfusion? Cats do not tolerate transfusions well (they have more complicated blood than humans do being the simple answer) and can usually only get one in a lifetime, but that one can save a life. It did for our Tuxie.

However, I suspect you mean his WBC? White Blood Cell Count? If you mean "8" instead of 0.8, this is at the low end of normal, but OK.

You need a lot more information, and without any other input it's really hard to know. Tuxie had what they suspected was FELV or FIP, then they thought it was Leukemia - but it turned out to be an autimmune disease that caused his body to think his red blood cells were a virus and his immune system attacked them. We fought for 2 years and with steroids he is now fine, though we came close to losing him twice.

Before tests are done (ultrasounds, biopsies, etc.) there are lots of scary things that blood work can indicate.

Here's a link to what normal values in cats (and dogs) should be for all kinds of things - just scroll down the page. This will really help you when talking to your vet.

Sending "be well quickly" vibes Stoli's way!


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hi laurie, the vet specifically said white blood cell count, and whatever it was was really reall low. the vet wanted to test again tomorrow before we talked specialist stuff.....
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Sorry, must have just been a typo in your first post ("CBC" instead of "WBC"?). A white blood cell count of .8 is very very low. I'm really only familiar with the red blood cell count end of problems.

I so hope Stoli's going to be fine, and sending vibes to you both!!!!!!!!!!
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i could have sworn up and down she said point 86 but my brain was also in hysterics at thatt point. even the resident cat came to sit with me while i was waiting.
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Many many vibes for Stoli to be better soon, and for you to be calm and strong for him.
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{{{vibes}}} for Stoli and you. Come on, I know those Blues are strong.
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I'll keep you and Stoli in my prayers.
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Bless your heart and Stoli's too, I will be praying for you both, I am sending stay strong vibes to you, I am so sorry, I know how hard it is to see your baby sick
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Oh, my! The Blues are having troubles around here, aren't they???

Poor Stoli! I'm sending prayers and get well vibes that he'll get through this okay! Hang in there, and let us know how he's coming along!
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Sending prayers for Stoli - I hope he's betters soon!
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Oh no what a thing to be going through - Nate, Radar, and I, are all sending huge healing vibes to you. You must be absolutely beside yourself with worry ((((Stoli & Renovia))))
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My best thoughts and vibes to Stoli and you.
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Every kitty at my house is sending mega {{{VIBES}}} to you & Stoli!
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Major get well vibes to Stoli from me and my crew. Stay strong, Renovia!
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Saying prayers for you and Stoli.
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Mega Vibes headed your way for Stoli and for you. I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.
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Prayers and get better quick vibes coming for Stoli and hugs for you.
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More major {{{get well Stoli}}} vibes. And hugs for you.
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I'm sending huge vibes for Stoli!
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hi everyone,

stoli is a tiny bit more active today. he didn't want the a/d formula last night so we had to syringe feed him. he hated that. he told us he was hungry at 3.30 this morning so we tried to tempt him with a/d, nothing, his normal wet food, nothing, he really wanted his dry kitten food so we let him eat some. he ate about 10 pieces and kept all but 3 down. we syringed him twice and let him be. this morning he ate almost 1.5oz of his normal wet food and kept it all down. he played with luxor a bit and was alert but still mopey. we took him to the vet and decided not to run another CBC as it was too soon. we talked about our options and what the vet thought could be causing such a low white cell count. basically he thinks it's one of three things. 1. leukemia that went undetected, 2. some sort of rare bone marrow disease, or 3. a viral infection that we still haven't found that his body is trying to fight. His breeder called me this morning to check in on him so that was nice. i'm just trying to give him love but also 'make' him eat so he can keep his energy up. I am going to a specialist on monday so stoli can have his bone marrow tested.
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Glad to hear he is a little bit better today, hope they find something that is easy to treat when he has his tests
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