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Making your cats meal

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Does anyone home make their cats meal? I want to start making it myself. I was wondering if anyone else did? I know a few of my Canine Friends make their dogs meal theirself. They boil the rice and chicken ect.

I plan on researching it thoroughly to make sure he would get all his nutrition, protein, minerals, vitamins ect so it will be a few months before I actually put this plan into process.

Does anyone have any website with such information on making your cats own meal? Does anyone have any recipes for it? Cost doesnt matter.
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It focuses on raw but you can get ideas ...

I HIGHLY recommend finding a like minded vet to help ... My trouble was finding a supplement I liked and they liked...

Right now two of three eat raw , homemade and canned .... for this house it seems to work
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Wow I had no idea cats could go on the raw diet! Thanks!
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Roper, I do definitely appreciate your interest in your cat's diet...I can tell you want the best for him!

If you begin reading about raw diets for cats, make sure you spend an enormous amount of time doing a lot of in-depth research...a raw diet done correctly and safely is the ideal way for cats to eat...a raw diet done incorrectly can be disasterous. This is a rather serious undertaking, and you really need to read up on it in any way you can. There are a lot of angles that need to be considered...supplementation, to-grind or feeding raw meaty bones in their entirety, whole prey vs. preparing certain portions of meat, etc.

Also, it can be difficult to find a vet that will support raw feeding...more often than not, they would rather see their patients being fed commercially-prepared food, rather than a raw diet...and sometimes their reasons are not always well-informed. There are now more raw-friendly vets than before, but it may behoove you to find one who will support and assist you.

Good luck!
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