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Goodbye Pepper

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Pepper crossed the rainbow bridge today, she was 18. She was a wonderful longhair domestic. The last couple years her health declined due to several things and today after talking with the vet I made the toughest decision I've ever had to make. I miss her so. Here is a link to a photo if anyone would like to see her.
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Oh, she's beautiful! She must have known a lot of love in her long life - RIP Pepper.
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Oh what a beautiful girl. That is the hardest decision anyone has to make, but I think it is worth every tear we shed and every bit of pain we feel, to prevent them even a minute of suffering. She knows you love her and that you did what was best.

Rest in Peace Pepper, you gorgeous girl. You are missed.
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Oh, wow. Pepper was an absolutely gorgeous girl. I'm so sorry for your loss. She obviously had a long and happy life with you filled with love. RIP sweet Pepper.
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I'm so sorry for your sad loss. Thank you for sharing her picture and story with us.

Pepper, you are a gorgeous girl. Rest in and play. Enjoy your time at Rainbow Bridge.
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What a gorgeous girl! I am so very sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Pepper
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Aw, rest in peace Pepper, you are beautiful
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Pepper is a beautiful girl

These decisions are never, ever easy to make and of course you wouldnt, couldnt let her suffer a moment at all you will have some wonderful memories of Pepper and in time those memories will make you smile again

RIP Sweet Pepper run and play with your new fur-family, the love from below will be there forever
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What a beautiful girl!

Hugs to you for making the incredibly difficult and selfless decision to let her go and help her to be at peace over the Rainbow Bridge when the time came.

Bless you for giving her a good home for so long. May your sorrow soon fade, and be replaced by happy memories of the joy she brought into your life.
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I am so sorry to hear this, making that decision was the hardest thing that you ever had to do I know, but now Pepper is not sick anymore, she is healthy and full of life now.
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Oh, my, but she is gorgeous! You gave her a wonderful, happy life!
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sweet gorgeous girl - rest well at the bridge

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What a a beauty! I'm so sorry for your loss! She had 18 wonderful years with you and is now healthy and happy playing over the bridge, just waiting for that magical day when she is reunited with you! Rest peacefully, Pepper!
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What a gorgeous girl

I'm very sorry for your loss. RIP Pepper
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Condolences on losing such a gorgeous girl. Pepper was stunningly beautiful After 18 years, the void is great; my sister lost her Persian, Rebekah, after 21 years, and it is amazing how many people knew that cat. The loss of those precious ones is our deep loss, but definitely Heaven's gain Enjoy your reward, dear Pepper
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Rest in Peace Pepper.
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She's lovely. What a beautiful girl.

RIP sweet Pepper
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Pepper was a beauty and I'm glad she had a long and wonderful life with you. Rest in peace, Pepper.
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Ah What a real Beauty she was. You had 18 Wonderful Years with your Lovely girl and I know it doesn't seem long enough, it never is. RIP You Beautiful Girl Pepper enjoy playing with many others from TCS and be Happy at The Bridge.
Many thoughts to you while you are going through the tuff times
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