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poor tigger

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I left the house for approx. 30 minutes. When I came home, I could hear her crying ..... like she was locked in somewhere. I saw Scooter on the 600g tank (empty of course because we are selling it). Anyways, there is an opening where the pumps used to sit..... It was enough for her to get down in there but the bottom is so skinny she couldn't turn around or anything, so she was stuck face down She had also peed on herself because I guess it scared her. I tried to get her out, by trying to lift her butt out, but couldn't, so I had to wake hubby up. We eventually got her out, he had long enough arms to scoop her out. I had to turn the shower on her to get the urine smell off of her, which she did NOT like ...... She still is a bit smelly, so I will go to the pet store & buy some wipes for her. We dont know if she was leaning in there or if Scooter was trying to sniff her & she fell....... Luckily, she isn't hurt. I got scratched from giving her a shower though. She's baking in the window now
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Poor baby! I hope she gets a big treat! give her hugs for me from one tigger to another!
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OMG! I am glad she is ok! Sorry you got scratched!
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Well, she is ok now! I bought some waterless shampoo & now everyone is nice & fresh! I played with her & her string for a little bit, after she demanded playtime!
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OMG!!! Poor thing!!! I'm so glad she's alright!!!!!
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To bad she is not like Taja. Taja loves water!
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That poor wittle baby - kiss her on the snoot for me....
Geeze....that must have scared the heck out of you finding her stuck in that position—hope your scratch heals soon!

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OMG! Tig, I am so sorry. I'm glad that she is ok though. that must've been a horrible sight to see when you got home. Darn guys they can sleep thru anything can't they?
I'm glad she is no worse for wear, except for a little pee on her self pride. LOL!
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Tigger, Knowing how much you love Tigger, I'm sure the scratches and the aquarium mean nothing when you compare them to Tigger's safety. I'm so glad he's safe.
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Poor Tigger! All that fright and humiliation and water on top of it! Kitty kisses and lots of treats are the best remedy!

They can get themselves stuck in the darnedest places... My dear departed Bandit who was an 18 pound Maine Coon once squeezed through a tiny break in a vent cover (an old-fashioned one, larger than you see nowadays) and ended up in the heating ducts. We had to get a heating guy to remove the duct to get her out.
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Poor baby!
I am glad that all is well now - except for her pride
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I am just thankful that there was no water in there...... I can't even bear to think of that. But, had there been water in there, the lids would have been on. We just have them off because we are selling them. Poor Tigger ...... her one eye was pressed up against the acrylic shut. I kept talking to her to calm her down.
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Oh no, no, no...not water......That is a bad thought....I am officially erasing that thought from your head

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Thanks, Kim! Hey, did u know....... we share the same name
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We do? :eye&mouth Which part the "Kim" or the "Ward" part?

By the way, I just saw all of your kitty pictures......You really have a slew of BEAUTIFUL kids. I bet there is never a dull moment at your place. Their pictures are drippin' with personality. Do you keep them all inside?
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The Kim part
Yes, they are all indoor cats They aren't allowed outdoors.
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Poor, poor Tigger! I'm so glad she is OK. At least Scooter let you know where she was. What a scare that must have been for you.
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