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The 'Poisoners' are Leaving!

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Although I could never prove anything, I am fairly sure that Napoleon was poisoned by the raticide laid by my neighbour. To their credit they did admit to using it. I heard yesterday that they are leaving and moving to the nearby town because it is more convenient. They have sold their house to a young couple so I will have to make their acquaintance as soon as possible and educate them in humane and non-toxic ways of dealing with rodents. I think all the others in the hamlet have taken the message on board, though I am not letting the cats out yet. And of course, I have to think now of little Biscotte, the new barn kitty.
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Jenny that's good news but I wouldn't waste any time getting over there to meet the new neighbors and set them straight on the kitties roaming around and no POISON!!
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I'm with Helen, I'd be right over there educating them. And make sure they know you have the council's backing (I think you said before that they understood your concerns.)
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that's great news!
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They haven't moved in yet! The old neighbours leave next Thursday and I don't know when the others will move in. But I shall be there, don't worry. And yes, the mayor is supporting me on this.
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Maybe your new neighbors will want a rescue cat or two to help with their rodent problem. If so, everyone wins (except the rodents).
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That's great news! I hope that your new neighbours are good neighbours and agree with your concerns! Maybe they'll be cat lovers - or you could convert them if they're not!
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That's wonderful that the "poisoners" are leaving! I really hope your new neighbor is understanding & hopefully a cat lover.
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How wonderful that the "poisoners" are leaving!
Well you have a chance to get off to a good start with your new neighbors. Maybe they will even have or want a cat and the rodent problem will be solved?
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That should put your mind at ease, and by all means see if you can educate the new neighbors.
I know I've mentioned this before: Our town has a tremendous rodent problem, and a very dense cat population because of it. I think a lot of people were persuaded not to use rat poison because our mayor repeatedly pointed out that the victims were often hedgehogs, which are a protected species here. Last year, there was even a "waiting list" at the cat home, because many people took his words to heart and decided to find a "natural means" of dealing with the problem. Maybe you (and your mayor) could try such a tactic?
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Are you going to show them pics of Napoleon? I would, along with graphic detail of what death by poison is like. Good luck!

Cheers, from
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
Are you going to show them pics of Napoleon? I would, along with graphic detail of what death by poison is like. Good luck!

Cheers, from
I agree Poor Napoleon
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Too late for your dear Napolean, but it means others like sweet little Biscotte have a chance.
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Good to hear that the "poisoners" are leaving- although I would hope they never intended to harm your kitties. I hope the new neighbors are friendly and willing to listen to your concerns. As others have said, perhaps they will be cat lovers.
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Paws crossed you have good new cat loving neighbors!!
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This is a fiiiiiiine development, Jenny! Now you can get in on the ground floor, so to speak, with whoever takes their place, and hopefully you all can work together for a safe neighbourhood for the feline people.
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That is good news for you and all the cats!! Do you think they decided to move for other reasons than the next town is more handy for them?? I wish my evil neighbor would move (thats not going to happen for me though) Good luck with your new neighbors.
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I don't think they are evil, just unthinking and used to doing things in a particular way. She has a rat and mouse phobia and although they promised not to continue with the poison after Napoleon died, I still felt I could not quite trust them. So I will start afresh with the new neighbours. I do not think we have a huge problem with rodents, but there certainly are some - the cats used to catch them every day when they were allowed out.
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