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LADIES! Were you prepared...

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to hear that you might or were/are be starting menopause?

My sister is still in town and when I went over to my parents house, she was telling mom and I about how her mind is racing at night and she's finds it hard to fall asleep...often times she just tosses and turns at night.

Well my mom piped up said "Well I was talking about this with my hairdresser and she and I both think you're starting menopause!"

The look on my sisters face was priceless! Her face was a combination "What in the world are you talking about?" with "Screw you!" "I'm going to kill you" and "I am NOT going through menopause"

Its fun being the younger sister.
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Trust me - it gets much worse!
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I will get to do that to my older sister when we go through it too
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Your poor sister!
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Not every woman gets the more debilitating symptoms. My grandmother said that SHE just suddenly stopped having periods and that was it. My mother, on the other hand, drove everyone crazy for YEARS.

Note: these days, the average age for menopause is 54. If so, I've got about 5 years to go
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Originally Posted by katl8e View Post
Not every woman gets the more debilitating symptoms. My grandmother said that SHE just suddenly stopped having periods and that was it. My mother, on the other hand, drove everyone crazy for YEARS.

Note: these days, the average age for menopause is 54. If so, I've got about 5 years to go
Menopause is the point in time where you actually quit periods. Perimenopause is the period leading up to it that most people call menopause. Why do I know this? Because like your sister, I've just started it over the last year.

My oldest sister has been going thru it for about 8 years now. The middle sister just stopped cold one day (in her late 40's). Being the youngest, I can observe them and I'm hoping that I side more with the middle sister.

Someone said that the symptoms get worse. I had night sweats about 5 years ago and heard that those can come in advance of the rest of the symptoms. I only get those once in a while. But the d*mn periods are coming every 3 weeks now. Sister says she always wears protection cause she never knows when she'll start (about every other week in her case). I used to be able to manage PMS by realizing I was going thru it but now my hormones are up and down most of the month. I'm cranky half the time, am have trouble sleeping so am tired a lot, and my concentration isn't what it used to be. On top of this, I'm getting thicker around the middle so have had to buy new clothes to fit.

Yup, oh boy golly, it's such fun being a woman some times!!

Oh yeah, and its fun being the younger sister until it hits you!! LOL
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That's interesting to know. I don't know much about menopause, and no one that I knew ever talked about it, so I can't learn from them. Sounds like I got a lot to look forward to!
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My Mother is starting with it all. Mainly emotional ups and downs. She's actually been loosing weight and looks great. She'll be 50 in March and is asking for a big bash!
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Since I had a hysterectomy, 16 years ago (ovaries still in situ), I'll never know the difference, unless I get the more unpleasant symptoms.
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I could see the perimenopause happening to her. My sister just turned 37.

My mom never went through it, cause like you Cindy, she had a hysterectomy right after she had me. She's been on the estrogen patch ever since.

I guess I should read up more on a menopause. I always assumed it was something that would be a year of hot flashes and *poof* your period is gone.
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Hooooo boy! Men-o-pause! Yes sir! I like the sound of that LOL!!!

I just turned 49 in October and my periods quit about 4 years ago..but before that there were off and on for several years. I thought I was pregnant!!! The hubby & I were excited and! hehehe.

Night sweats...can't desire (!!!) name it.

Fortunately there are lots of ways to combat all this loveliness that you have to look forward to. Exercise being one of the biggest things we can do for ourselves! well...take your black cohash root...take your flax as well...and just try and keep a good overall attitude (bah!) about yourself and the world around you.

(Ok, any of you buying this? Didn't think so)

But really...exercise...see your doctor and have them advise you on what you should do for well as your loved ones cuz they suffer along with you in a way.

Take care and good luck y'all...

Hilda >^..^<
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I think I am in that perimenopause area!!!
I haven't had any hot flashes yet which is good as I am always warm to begin with. (no flannel sheets on the bed right now) The menstrual cycles while will coming every 28 days (not less) have been "exciting". Nothing like sleeping with a towel "just in case"!! Thankfully the sore boobs and cramps have pretty much gone away. But not the salt/chocolate cravings. Neil bought me chocolate covered potatoe chips for Christmas-emergency use only.
Can't wait for more symptoms!!
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There are some good books on the topic. They tend to take 2 approaches: those written by doctors who are all about hormone replacement therapy, and those who take a more holistic approach.

My doctor put me on hormones and I took them exactly 2 weeks before I threw out the $100 prescription. I got so cranky that it was like permanent PMS time 10.

If you start reading on the topic, go for the holistic approach - it is more natural.
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There is a perimenopause group on yahoo-called hot flash I think-however it didn't seem very helpful to me.
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I think I started peri-menopause about a year ago. My cycles, which were regular like clock work every 28 days, now were about every 21-22 days and heavy. For the past 6-7 months, they became very lite and now I haven't had one in about 6 weeks. I know I am not pregnant! LOL

I don't remember my mom having hot flashes and my MIL had a hysterectomy. So I do not have anyone to turn to. I don't think I have had any but I go thru PMS. My hubby can't wait for me to go thru it thinking I won't be crabby anymore. LOL

I just passed my 50th birthday, so I guess I am right on target, agewise.
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I started to go through menopause when I was in my late 30's. I had a hysterectomy when I was 28 and they left one ovary so I cycled every month but did not have periods. My ovary that was left started to slow down in my late 30's. I took a hormone test in my early 40's and was told I was definately in menopause.

I may be strange but I have mellowed out so much since this has happened. Things don't upset me anymore and I have great moods. I also have a wonderful husband who lifts my spirit everyday. I love middle age.. I don't like the physical changes that menopause starts having on my weight. You start gaining weight in spots you never had problems with. Yes you can work out and try to keep a good diet but you still see the change.
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I don't have to worry about that quite yet, I'm only 20
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I am taking hormones and will continue to do so forever. We are supposed to die in childbirth after our 15th child in our 40's. Historically, primitively speaking. Women were not intended to live 40 years without hormones protecting their hearts, organs, bones, health in general. The risk of breast cancer for women is one in 9, the risk of breast cancer in a woman taking hormones is one in 8 and a half. No history of breast cancer in my family, and I am relatively healthy, so it is hormones for me all the way. The brief period of suffering with hot flashes and an overall feeling of blah, was more than I could take.
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Yup, that's what happened with my mom. The Doctor took her off of her hormones a couple of years ago, and she FINALLY experienced hot flashes (at 65).

The doc finally got sick of her coming back to the office so often she stuck my mom back on the patch.
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Originally Posted by ClaireBear View Post
I don't have to worry about that quite yet, I'm only 20
Yep me too.

My mom has been going through it for like 6 years. On top of that, she had a stroke a few years ago which just made everything else much worse. Her moods are really bad somedays.
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Please dont get me wrong, unfortunately my mother is a little slow..
She went to my grandmothers funeral and all of a sudden came home with these phamplets about Menopause... she wouldnt read it so I
read it for her.. and I said, forget it youre already over it!

But in the last two years she has been really cranky, but I cant tell if its actually menopause or its from her drinking.

I am always scared that I will have Cancer or go through menopause at a young age, my mother stopped having her periods briefly after giving birth to me. And she was 35 at the time.
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This thread took me down memory lane. Here's some educational material for those that don't have anyone to tell you about it.

Hot flashes:
I got these a few years back and they happened over the course of the winter (thank heavens). My old house didn't have heat in the upstairs bedrooms. My husband would go to bed in heavy sweat pants and sweatshirt and we had flannel sheets, a heavy blanket and down comforter. He would cover his head he was so cold. I, on the other hand, had to strip down naked and lay on top of the comforter, and I would leave a puddle of sweat over the course of the night.

Hot flashes can be REALLY nasty. I'm glad I went thru that phase pretty fast.
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Well since I had a Hyster in April of 2005, I knew there was a CHANCE my body would shut down.For 6 months after the Hyster, I had hotflashes--which are a pain in the ***!! I also had PMDD.So, after taking Zoloft, everything is pretty well much back to normal.Although I do still have an occasional hotflash.
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