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Paw pad dryness

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Does anyone know of a type of cream you can use on cats paw pads to soften them?

My Bob seems to have very dry paw pads. The paws themselves are not swollen or the pads but they are sort of a darker pink then I am used to seeing and seem sort of dry. Not really cracked but more like dry skin.

It is sort of sensitive to the touch. We are thinking it might be the kitty litter and we are going to change to a different one this weekend. He has never had this before. He is not quite 8 months old.

I wonder if there is something I can put on his paws when he is alseep that can soak in and relieve the dry skin?

He is only indoor and it has been very dry here in Ohio (except today of course) which also may be contributing to it.

Any suggestions?
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I've heard a number of members use Bag Balm.
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Bag Balm works well. I'm using it to treat calluses on the hocks of my foster rabbit. I've known others who use it on the paw pads of cats and dogs. I bought mine in the pet section at Walmart, otherwise try farm stores.
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Bag Balm or regular old vaseline / petroleum jelly
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I had pans of getting some men in white coats to throw a net over Angela and have her warehoused in some kind of institution for a decade or so when she complained of this condidition with our cats. But this thread has driven me to look closer and see. I guess I was wrong again, The pads are dry and rough. I'll do the Bag Balm thing. We used it when the plaster sucked all the goodness from our shin when I was working in that trade. It did work well. Great stuff.
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