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Sick Kitty :(

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Hi all,

I am new to this forum and would like some advice on my cat, Kitty. She is an 8 month old kitten who has been "done". I went on holiday, and came back and she was sick. I took her to the vet yesterday and she had a temperature of 40,3°C, so the vet gave her a shot and also some tablets (synulox) to get rid of the viruis or infection which is causing the fever. I took her home, she meowed at me for the first time since I had been home. She slept, a lot for her.

I went out this morning, first giving her something to eat, drink and also the tablet, which she ate no problem. I came home after being out for about 1hr 30mins and called her. Normally she would come running, but she didn't and I found her under the bed. I called my vet, and she told me to bring her in again. She still had the fever, 40,5°C this time. Another shot of higher antibiotics and then I took her home. By this point I am in tears as she is my first cat and she is my baby.

So, got her home today, she ate and drank and then went to sleep on the sofa. I went to have a nap as I have had a busy morning, and she came to me and meowed, after curling in a ball beside me on my bed and sleeping. Woke up, she was still sleeping under the bed. Went to my PC and she came out, ate loads of food (finished the bowl) and drank some more water. I filled the bowl again and she ate some more. She then came to me and wanted cuddles for 5 minutes, so I gave it to her. She is now in her box, eyes open at least, but she still doesn't want to play.

I was away for 10 days, but in Germany a lady who was recommended by the cat protection agency came and looked after her each day in our apartment. She would play with her, feed and giv her water for several hours each day. OVer new year, she took Kitty to her place, she has 8 cats, all vaccentated and also tested negative and immuned against FIV. While Kitty was there, she had a brill time with the other cats, prompting me to buy her a frined once she is better. She went out onto a balcony, which is something that we do not have here. She was fine at the lady's house, just when she came back here, she started to feel sick. I came home on the Wednesday morning (at 2:30am) to a sick cat. I told the lady that she was sick, and she said that none of her cats are sick.

How long does a fever normally last? PLease give me some advice as I don't know what to do and am worried!
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You poor poor thing! I can imagine what you must be going through

Is there any way you can call your vet for some advice? Or may be an emergency vet? Maybe they might be able to answer your questions. I've no experience of cats with fever but my thoughts are with you and your little kitty

}}}Healing vibes to your baby{{{
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A normal temperature for a cat is 37.8°C to 39°C. Has your kitty been sneezing or coughing? Did your vet draw blood to send any to the lab for testing?

Without knowing what is causing the fever, it's really difficult to have any idea how long the fever may last.

I'd speak to the vet, but it could be reasonable to think it will be a day or two after receiving antibiotics for the fever to continue. Just like with a child, feel your kitty's forehead. If it feels warm, if she lets you, you can take her temperature yourself with a rectal thermometer used for a child.

But because we don't know what's causing the fever, it's best to speak to your vet in order to know what to expect.

Sending "be well" vibes to your kitty!

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I don't have any advice, but I hope your Kitty is feeling better.
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More {{{get well}}} vibes for Kitty.

None of my cats has had a fever so I have no idea how long it might take for the antibiotics to be effective. I hope she is better soon.
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I am sorry you are going through this, but it sounds like you are doing hte right things. It will take a couple of days for hte antibiotics to kick in and she may need even stronger ones. It is very important to make sure she is drinking enough and not getting dehydrated, which happens very easily with a fever. But as you say she is eating and drinking then that is probably not a problem - just monitor her fluid intake and test pinching the skin at the back of her neck. If it stays up longer than a couple of seconds then she needs fluids and you may have to syringe feed her with water or pedialyte. Good luck with her, I hope she recovers soon. We all get so worried when our babies are sick.
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Hi guys,

thanks a lot for all your good vibes. The vet said that she was not sure about where the fever was coming from, but did not take bloods, it was assumed that it is an infection. Took Kitty to the emergency vet today (Saturday) and her temperature has gone down to 39.3°C which is a lot better, but still near enough high to cause a fever (they said that 39.5°C is considered a fever in cats). I was able to get 4 meows out of her today, which was better than the "one a day" meow . The vet told me that I was doing the right thing with the antibiotics, he gave Kitty a shot of the antibiotics that she was on, so no pills for her today, and also gave her some vitimin B12. She seems better this morning when I got her home, she ate more food, even ate the antibiotic that I left in the food for her (the vet siad that this is okay, as the tablets work over a 12 hour period, and the shot for 24 hours, and that if she ate the tablet, it would not do her any harm) and she has also been drinking a lot more. She has had a long nap, but I guess that it is normal for cats to sleep so long. She went to her new scratching post today and used it, she loves it, she even played with the hanging mouse, am hoping that once she is better, she will be climbing up it as it goes right up to the celining.

She was coughing on Wednesday and Thursday, however Friday no more cough, she just coughed a little now, but she was drinking water, so it could have gone down the wrong hole I guess.

Am hoping that she keeps this up, not that she will go downhill again.

Thanks a lot to all of you
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