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Loose Stool

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I just can't figure out what's wrong with Simon. Over the last couple weeks he has been have loose stool on and off. I have not been about to tie it to any specific food. He does not eat any human food, good quality dry food and 3 oz of good quality canned per day. He has had loose stool every so often the entire time I've had him. And I would like to find out a solution to stop them from happening all together. He has long black hair, so his butt area can sometimes get messy. Which makes us both unhappy. We all know cats do not like to be dirty. My only thought is that it might have been a can of food that was suppose to help urinary problems. Which is something he just got over a couple months ago. I can't even give him cat treats because that will cause him to have loose stool. Just thought someone might have some ideas. If it is something he is eating, how soon after eating will it affect his stool?

Thanks, Laurie
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If it is continuing, I would suggest a trip to the vet. It could be a number of things. Also, if you keep his backside trimmed, there is a smaller chance of something getting caught. I know a lot of the members with long-haired cats keep that area closely groomed.

Is he still having a problem?
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I second a trip to the vets, but if there's nothing major wrong you might want to try him on a probiotic. Jaffa has been having soft poos for a while now so I introduced Lacto B probiotic and within a week his poos were nice and firm.
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Simon seems to be all better. I think it was his food, he is getting older and just can't handle changes in food like he use to. So we are keeping it simple same thing everyday for at least a month, then I might try adding another flavor. This is just with the canned food. I have been meaning to trim is butt hair, he won't like it but I think it is a good idea. Just need to sit down and get it done.

Thanks for the note. Laurie
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