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Pregnant kitty?

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Hi everyone! I have two kittens that are 5 months old, they are brother and sister, and I think my girl kitty (Socks) may be pregnant. We are defintely planning on having them spaid and neutered but our vet (and a few other's b/c I called around) said to wait until they were 6 months. Socks has gotten quite a bit heavier in the last few weeks, but I haven't noticed any color change in her nipples. They both have always been very vocal, so no change there. I saw Scout (her brother) on her back to today, so now I am freaked out! so I think maybe he was mating her! I haven't noticed this before, and they are totally indoor cats. I have never had cats before, so I'm not sure how to tell if she is pregnant. I will be taking her to the vet on Monday though, but any input would be great. He has always gotten on her like that since they were babies, they do that to each other when they play, but this time I'm not so sure!!!!

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Kelly - I hope NOT!
I am moving this to the health forum for you!
Our knowledgable folks there will be of more help to you!

It is certainly possible for a female to become pregnant at that age.
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Kelly it is very conceiveable that they have indeed mated and the mating took. I know when I took my last litter in to get fixed at 5 months of age, the only female was pregnant. There was no way that it was not a case of inbreeding and I did what the vet recommended and just got her spayed. I have seen kittens born from inbreeding and some of what I have seen has not been pretty. I believe I made the best decision though it tore my heart out to make that decision.
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I would get them both to the vet ASAP and get them fixed. If she did by chance get pregnant, they will spay her before they are bigger than seeds. It's going to be easier all around. A 5 month old cat should NEVER have kittens. It's very hard on them and they usually end up having a C section or the kittens are in very bad shape. I am sure you can find a vet in the area to do a spay before she is 6 months old.
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