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I can't figure this cat out!

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At night, right before I go to bed, one of my cats Kahuna, comes alive. He follows me from room to room as I brush my teeth, and do other things in preparation of sleeping.He is constantly meowing as I move. I stop and pet him, and rub him, and tickle his tummy, and continue on with my routine, and he continues to follow me meowing all the way! LOL I must stop over a dozen times while getting ready for bed to pay attention to him (and trust me, he is never ignored in the daytime) But he keeps up the noise, until I I turn out the light, jump into bed, then he stops abruptly and he snuggles up to me and goes to sleep!

I have tried completely ignoring him, but his cries become more insistant. Mike tells me I am spoiling him, but except for this odd time during the night, he doesn't act like this??? Does anyone have an idea? During the day, he is just a cat, if he sees me, he comes up to me, rubs my legs and leaves. He doesn't follow me throughout my day crying at my every step. Thank God! LOL Just at night, at the one special hour before I turn in.

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Dear Hissy,
You're spoiling him...LOL!!! He loves his Mommy and from what I'm gathering he can't wait until your done with until the end of your routine to get into bed and cuddle How sweet!
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I spoil all my cats and NONE of them do this to me! Kahuna can be dead asleep in another room, and as soon as the bedroom light goes on, he wakes up and hits the floor! He follows me constantly, no matter where I go, meowing continuously. If he was spoiled, he would do this during the day too wouldn't he? I kept thinking something was wrong with him, but he is fine. Even if I set out moist cat food, that doesn't deter him! LOL I think my hubby is getting jealous of this nightime routine!
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Hmmmmmm....good question...well, it may be that he's wanting more attention because he sees others getting attention too...Opie does this all the time. If I pet the others, he'll come over and bowl then over and play...lol...it's like he's trying to get them away from me! He's so funny...but I do believe that's true. Perhaps this little guy has very similar behaviours...but, I'm no expert, for sure!!
As far as your hubby's concerened...Opie's on the cat pages 686...see what he has to say about that!

You're loved so much...if it gets any better, it'd be a sin!

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every single day i'm amazed at something the cats do. i can't even begin to figure them out. i wish i could weigh in with a suggestion or some enlightment, but i'm just clueless. they are amazing creatures.
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Hissy....I moved this thread to the behavior section....I hope that's okay. I thought maybe it belonged here, and you might get more responses to it here.
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Yeah, I actually feel great when my one girl gets like that. On the other hand, sometimes its just not convenient. I have just learned to pick her up and love her before I move on. One time I actually had to go into another room and close the door. She will scream until I pick her up and then she has to lay on my left shoulder..LOL
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