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I know its been really warm this winter so far (well, except Colorado).

This morning however, as I was stepping outside to go to work, lo and behold in my backyard, peeking between the leaves (that I still need to rake) were bright green blades of grass...

In January...in Michigan.

Now that's a warm winter.
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Yep! We are getting buds on a lot of the plants around here. Boy are they going to be in for a shock if it ever gets cold!
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That's what I'm worried about - what's going to happen when the cold does hit? These plants think it's spring! Crazy winter.
I was just saying to DH yesterday that we'll have to go down to Colorado to test out our new ski gear. Canada's just too warm!
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Well I'm just wondering now if Spring and Winter traded spots.

Will it snow in May?
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You think that's bad the trees in my parents apple orchard are going into bud! At this rate we will have apples in April!
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