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Caught my first stray/semi feral

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Hello for the people who do not know me here my name is William. I work for EMRO (the Egyptian Mau Rescue Org.) and I just moved to Egypt here about 1 1/2 months ago. Well I just caught my first mau yesterday. It was a male and it was semi friendly twords humans (allowed us to pet him but not pick up). we are having the vet come take a look at him later today to give flea meds and deworming and other things he needs before he can be put in the boarding room with the other cats that need to be 'fixed'. I will get pics up here later today as I have to take more.

UPDATE: I gave the cat his flea med today and decided to do the other 55 cats there 6 month flea med as well. Lets just say my hands smelt very good LOL. The vet is comming tomorrow for the shots and check-up. Sorry there were no pics today but my digi camera was out of batteries so no pics today but maybe tomorrow .

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Here are the pictures of the Mau we found. I think he is beautiful.

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He's a cute boy!

What great work you do. I haven't noticed anyone else on this site from Cairo, which is a shame because you could probably find willing adopters from this group!

I'm curious. Tell us more about your organization please, and the state of humane affairs in Egypt. It's always interesting to hear the policies and practices that happen in countries around the world.
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What a pretty cat! What exactly is a Mau? That's a term I'm not familiar with.
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First off thank you both very much. He is a wonderful boy, always wanting scratched behind the ears . I was supprized about how non-feral he was on the 1st full day of having him. I guess it was because we found him in a very human populated area (a street market).

I haven't noticed anyone else on this site from Cairo, which is a shame because you could probably find willing adopters from this group!
Well first off let me tell you that anybody can adopt one of our cats even if they live in the US. The adopter pays for the everything inc. the travel costs for the cat. From there the job is finding someone willing to take a cat or 2 with them to a city near you.

Dusty's Mom-
What a pretty cat! What exactly is a Mau? That's a term I'm not familiar with.
I hope this helps. My wife Sabine wrote this - she is in charge of adoptions.

The Egyptian Mau is certainly one of the most stunning cat breeds in the world. A purebred Mau displays their unique appearance and features. Actual Egyptian street cats are certainly far from being purebred; nonetheless thousands of native Egyptian Maus live among them. So how can EMRO state a rescued cat as “pure†(original) Egyptian Mau, especially when these cats come in colors other than the favored bronze, silver or smoke, or even without any spots at all?

The following paragraphs will point out what features a Mau has, and what separates the original (native) Egyptian Maus from the pure bred ones. Unless otherwise stated, the items below apply for both original and native Mau.

Middle-sized, muscular yet elegant. A loose skin fold protracts from the belly to the back knee, which provides an enormous springiness. The Maus unique body features make these cats the world fastest breed, with a speed up to 30 mph

Medium-sized, wide on the onset and slightly tapered, with definite rings and a black tail tip.

Legs and Paws:
Compared to the body proportion the legs are medium-sized, whereas the back legs are slightly longer than the front legs. The paws are small, delicate and lightly oval. The color is usually that of the cat’s pattern (generally dark brown, dark grey, black or dark red) and the legs are mostly randomly banded.

The fur is very smooth and silky, yet thick and soft at contact. It is quite short, yet long enough to hold various rows of ticking. The purest coat feels almost like velvet or very soft silk, i.e. it appears as if the “cloth†is tightly wrapped around the body, but either consists of hairs in different (silk) or even length (velvet). This is necessary to keep the cat warm at night and cool during the day. This protects it from dirt, dust and sand, as well as from soaking with water during rain (or fishing).

Coat Color:
The recognized purebred colors are silver (white coat with black/dark grey patterns), bronze (brown coat in various shades with dark brown/black patterns) and smoke (black coat with white/light grey patterns). Black can also be registered as a Mau but cannot be bred or shown.
Native Maus, however, have a bigger variety in fur colors. Bronze is the most natural, hence most occurring color. Black also occurs from time to time. Silver and smoke, on the other hand, are artificial fur colors which emerged due to occasional mutations, followed by selective breeding. In addition to those colors, already known with pure bred Maus, there are also golden (red) Maus, as well as a variety of dilute colors, such as blue Maus (black dilution) or crème Maus (red dilution)

While purebred Maus are only recognized and registered if they are randomly but clearly and well-defined spotted, there are three patterns in native Maus. Spotted tabbies are still the most frequent, but in addition Maus can also be marbleized (blotched, or the “Classic†style) or also completely free of markings (especially black Maus or the blue “self†Maus). The latter is called “non-agouti†and can be found with other African wild cats, especially with leopards.
Broken necklaces on the chest, buttons on the stomach and the banded legs and tail complete the unique patterns of most Maus. However, Maus can never occur as ticked (origin: central Africa/ Asia; example: Abyssinian cats ) or mackerel/striped tabbies (origin: Europe/Asia; example: European wild cat ).

Slightly rounded and wedge-shaped. The nose is neither short nor sharp. A clear Scarab-marking (or “Mâ€) can be found on the cat’s forehead, and so-called mascara lines run from the eyes over the cheeks.

Middle-sized to large, completing the lines of the head, with moderate distance in between the single ears.

Almond-shaped, large and expressive eyes, usually surrounded by black lines and frown marks, which provides the cat with a worried, yet ancient and wise expression. Native Maus either have green or amber eyes (all shades), although any Mau may start out with amber eyes which usually turn to shades of gooseberry green by age one and a half.

Egyptian Maus are extremely intelligent, very loving and playful. They expect to be a full (if not the most important) part of “their†family. Maus love company; however, they decide themselves if they prefer humans or cats. On selecting their human, Maus are devoted and extremely loyal; some even tend to try to protect their human from danger and strangers. Many are shoulder riders, lap cats and faithful alarm clocks, when waking you up by licking, kneading and soft meowing. A very active cat by nature, the Egyptian Mau loves to play and learn. It seems to be quite easy to teach a (tame) Mau tricks and even get it to accept if not love a harness and leash for a daily walk. The Egyptian Mau wants and loves to communicate in a soft, melodious, sometimes chirping or singing voice, and can be sometimes very chatty.

Egyptian Maus are true treasures, once tamed and focused on their personal tin opener. They are very bright, even-tempered and truly amazing creatures.
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Here is an update on Nemo . We got him looked at again because he was extreamly to skinny and we found out he needs lot of supplements so he can become normal weight. The problem right now is that due to lack of support from people we do not have enough money to do this. So until we can get some more funds we will have to just feed him some normal cat food (made from bread and mackerel w/o supplements). If this does not happen then we will have to hold off on building the small vet clinic for the area so we can save him. Oh by the way we found an abanded kitten about 3 months old. He is doing wonderful after his flea meds and shots. Very cuddly black mau that loves to be held on the chest. I will post pics soon (possibly later today or tomorrow).

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Thanks for the info on Maus. Your rescue is beautiful. I'm amazed there are so many different breeds of cats. I used to think that a cat was a cat and the only purebreed I was familiar with was Siamese.

Good luck in fattening up your kitty.
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Awww, he is a gorgeous cat. I've always admired Maus.
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Well here are some pics of Dani 2 (had one called dani that looked just like him)

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Beautiful kitties. Thank you for caring for them!
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What beautiful boys.
Bless you for the help you're giving these babies
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again thankyou all for your wonderful words. They all got there shots today and soon will be "fixed". They will be put on our website after that for adoption. Again if any of you would like to see or possibly eather adopt one of these cats or be a pet escort so one of these cat can go to there home then please eather email me at or go to our website and take a look at all the cats we have there for adoption and you may never know one of them may just jump out at you and call you mommy or daddy .

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