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Road trip with Mr. Cat & friends!!!!! - Page 4

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sockiesmom that was hilarious...as a matter of fact, that car needs to be in the caravan....Too, funny!
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I think I saw Elvis waving us down for a spamburger a few miles back there, but Mr. Cat just passed on by!!! He was too wrapped up with Brittney at the time!
Where did Hissy go to? Oh yes! She's still on that vet's lap!
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Potentially-important breakthrough!

Hissy and Lorie D. have just returned from an Investigatory Patrol, accomplished via the biplane pictured earlier in this thread. Whilst flying a search pattern for Operation Catbooks, they received intelligence from an informant leading them to Area A and subsequently they made this special aerial photograph:

Upon their contacting our Command Center at the convoy, a decision was made giving Hissy and Lorie D. permission to make closer observation. Descending to a lower altitude, they took this photograph showing a complex of strange-looking buildings:

Upon landing the biplane on a nearby field, both Hissy and Lorie D. proceeded to the Designated Area. Once there, they made this photograph showing a portion of the uninhabited complex:

Following instructions relayed to them by the Command Center based upon informant intelligence, Hissy and Lorie D. proceeded down a peculiar-looking hallway in one of the abandoned structures:

They eventually reached this spiral staircase, down which they descended:

At the bottom of the staircase was found a container (shown below) the contents of which are now being examined by experts at the Command Center. Deb 25 will make an announcement as soon as possible, describing what was found inside the box. All personnel on patrol returned safely to the convoy.


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[SIZE=0.1]Is it a Kumbulu?[/size]
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It could be a Kumbulu, of course. But I honestly don't know. We'll have to wait on Deb 25's report, I guess. What exactly is a Kumbulu anyway?

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No really, Kumbulu means 'remember' in Zulu. The name is a tribute to my time in Africa. I spent four years there when I was younger.

PS. I see you have a VERY fat platypus there!
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OOOOHHHHH a secret treasure! How exciting. Come on Deb25! Enquiring minds want to know!!!
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Treasure? Are you sure it's not Spam in that box? Oh, wait, maybe it's the missing cat books.

Mr. Car, for a minue there I thought you were showing us the luxury resort we were to spend the night in. What a relief to find it was only a stop to look for buried treasure.

While we're bringing friends, can I bring Ben Affleck? And David Boreanaz (from the TV show Angel)? They won't take up much space, and they could serve some sort of useful function, I'm sure.

If we're really having a seance, let's contact Jimi Hendrix for some jammin' guitar. He can give Elvis a few lessons.
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Sorry to be pulling up the rear of this caravan, but I finally got the casters on the Wonder Bed and chained it to the Huvver Scooter. . . . Now, I won't need a MOTEL 6; just an outlet for my 100 ft. extension cord and a cozy space under a tree each nite. I have a basketnfull of spam and velveeta sandwiches. . . . (at least I DID until we picked upo that fat old fart in the white leisure suit outside of Nashville. . . . Can you guys turn up the radio?? I want to sing along. . ..

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OK, let's think this over a minute. If Elvis joins the group, does that leave room for Harrison? And, if the biplane is being used for this secret mission, what about Bodlover, who is expecting to ride the wing? Fair's fair, you know. I'm withholding my spam samiches until I get a satisfactory answer. AND, I just happen to have the eye candy in my car, you know. Tania, 'fess up! Did they bypass our European friends to pick up the Aussies first? Well, come to think of it, Mel's here......mmmmmmmmm.
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Harrison? Jimi? Joey & DeeDee? The King? Sounds to me like we need to gear up for Woodstock 2002, Dead Artists Invited! Then we can have Janis, and John Bonham can play with the rest of the Zep crew - and isn't there plenty of Spam?
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Well, if we are bringing along musical guests.....I want Steven Tyler sitting by me! AND.....what the heck....can we take Nicolas cage as well???? I mean, heck, his father-in-law is coming, so why not???
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By the way Joe...what IS in that box???? I think it is full of Darlene's catnip mice, and I want one!!!
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Can we play "20 questions" regarding the contents of the box?
Okay, I'll go first.

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I think we need the Feline Bureau of Investigation on that one! I hear tell that Deb 25 is floating down a river somewhere because of the all the rain she is getting! Bail out that boat girlfriend!
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Get Britney to bail out the boat. She's got to be good for something...

I mean, um... uhhhh....please don't hurt me, Mister Cat.
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Oh no, Hissy! I'll toss you a lifering for Deb25...
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The boat is so full of water it's starting to sink. I hope they know how to swim!
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Look in box for inflatable liferaft!
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Oh no.

**throws Pool Noodles**
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The psychics say Deb25 is going to make it just swimmingly!
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Actually, I heard Deb25 had a pair of those inflatable arm "Swimmies" in her back pocket.
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Just use Britney's implants - silicone floats!
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...and the obvious was staring us in the face all along.

Well... maybe they were staring Mr. Cat in the face. He wishes! :tounge2:
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Originally posted by katl8e
Just use Britney's implants - silicone floats!
:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
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I have found some more traveling companions for us. I'm sure that these poor waifs would appreciate some Spamwiches and would more than earn their keep!
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Cindy!!!!!...Shame on you!!!!! Hahahahaha!!!!!!
You should know better than to ask such a silly question!!!!
How soon can they get here???
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OPPS!!!! That wasn't a question after all. See what you did????? Now I can't even read!!!!!....
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