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Road trip with Mr. Cat & friends!!!!! - Page 2

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Can I come, too? This sounds dreadfully exciting.....
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All are welcome, Cat Guy. As a newbie, why don't you run over to The New Cats forum and introduce yourself? Welcome to a fellow Floridian
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Now guys - never having been to the good ol' US before - I want a blow-by-blow account of the journey across dirt-track and black-top highway.

The diners, the views, the people you meet and above all HOW MANY KITTIES ARE GOING!

I adore that old Peugeot - came very close to buying one like that when I was at art school. Had a tad more paint on it though (HeHe).

If you decide to cross the water (is it an amphibious Pug)? then count me in!!!

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Oooh, this sounds interesting. That thing looks even worse than my '89 Dodge Spirit with the flaking paint and no bumper... but I mean that in the nicest way possible!

*sits in the corner debating whether or not to tag along*
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Hey, Mr. Cat. Please include me. I feel responsible for the washout of our rattlesnake hunt. And to think that I haven't seen Tom Cruise since that lovely dinner1 (sigh) I have some McDonald's coupons just in case someone doesn't like Spam sandwiches. Of course, that's unlikely. I'm so glad Ghyslaine is going on the trip. I posted to her last night so that she wouldn't miss out. You know how she loves adventures and snakes, etc. She's with us, even though my post was accidentally deleted! Hey, there's a 1957 Buick in our garage that would hold loads of people. It just needs a bit of restoring.......
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Oh, come with us sockiesmom, there's plenty of room!! (looking at overloaded vehicles). Well...um...well actually there isn't, but come anyway, it'll be fun!!!!!
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My '83 Olds will hold a few people and our '98 Nissan PU can take about 8-10, in the back or, 47 illegal aliens. Ike gets the X-cab, though.
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lol. okay then, count me in...

(you never know what to expect at this site, do you? :tounge2: )
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Ok so where are we going first? I have a good idea- let's go try and find those cat books! I hear they are loose and a-foot somewhere in the great United States.

Joe, I know this car is an antique but you did equip it with On-Star didn't you? Oh that's okay with Data on board thanks to Deb25 we shouldn't get to lost as we boldly go where no man has gone before! BTW I am not going to be in charge of litterboxes on this trip! LOL
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Okay, I think we're all set! Now, I propose we take Hissy's suggestion and search for those cat books. In case we encounter any watery obstacles, I've managed to secure the use of an Amphicar:

Now, who wants to drive the Amphicar? I'll drive that old Vespa with the recoiless rifle. So who wants to drive the Peugeot? Remember, EVERYBODY is welcome to come along! Via the magic of cyber space, whomever wishes to join us will find our convoy just outside their door.

I've persuaded my computing system, Samantha, to help Britney with the chores. She's got coffee for us!


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Now we need fishing poles and bait! Don't forget sunscreen either!
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Here you go! It's all free, so everybody take what you want.

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I've taken the liberty of engaging the services of a private investigator to help us locate the cat books.

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Uh Oh Joe........

I hope our "experts" get along!

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Okay guys...if we are taking that "water" car....I want a life jacket!!! I can't swim!!!!

Okay....so we are off in search of the cat books!!!! Where do we look first??? And we need to get Bill in here, if I remember right, he was pretty intertaining on some of our previous trips! :laughing:

Okay, Hissy....since you don't want litter box duty...how about diaper duty???? :LOL:

Jeanie, throw some of those coupons over here...I'd prefer the Big Mac to the Spamwich!
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I think we need a meteorologist on board—for safety and all. THINK of the advantages!! We can get a forecast on the fly before the rest of the world knows..... Here's a volunteer I found at the flea market....Everyone, meet Noni Weatherbee, Meteorologist Extrordinaire... she cooks, too. She really seems to DIG the Vespa, Joe.
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Debby - I just got back from the Marina and they donated these life preservers for the road trip....AS MANY AS WE WANT, FREE!
I want you to have the first one, since you brought it up....everyone else, holler when you need a life ring and I get it to you, pronto!
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I've finally found a couple of maps of the place where Hissy believes the cat books are located. It's called "The United States of America." Here's a map which Mr. Holmes secured from a source in China:

Next I contacted an informer in Russia who gave me this map, which has names of cities:

Armed with this knowledge, I think we can conclude the lady in KimWard's post (above) is actually wearing a map of that strange land; and she is in fact giving us a clue as to where our search should begin. Therefore I suggest we commence our journey in the area just south of the umbrella handle, where the arrow is pointing.

And we've picked up another passenger, one of the Powerpuff Girls (in case we run into trouble).

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And in case the water car leaks....

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Since Debby is worried about not being able to swim. I've asked our Navigator Data to keep sending our coordinates to the following location.....
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In accordance with the map survey our journey begins at Maryville, Missouri. It was either that or Leavenworth, Kansas; and since I'd not heard of Maryville. . . . Anyway, we're meeting at Maryville High School since it'll be easy to find.

The Maryville High School Varsity Football Cheerleaders (from two years ago) will be on the lookout for "adults who appear to like cats and seem to be from out of town," so they'll make sure we all meet up.

We've got drink, food, fuel, investigators, navigators, people from The Cat Site and transportation (such as it is). So let's go! Oh, by the way, which direction should we take out of Maryville?

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Wait Joe, there's one more person coming. We need to make sure our fur-babies stay healthy on this trip too. So I asked Dr. Kevin Fitzgerald to come along and help with their care. Good news, Hissy, he's even willing to take care of the litter boxes, isn't that great?????
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I get to sit on HIS lap!

Mr. Cat we should the direction a crow flies, provided we can find a crow.
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Okay, Hissy...you get to sit on his lap, and I get the roof??? What is wrong with this picture???? :LOL: :laughing:

But the watercar doesn't have a roof...so maybe I can just float along beside you on one of Kimwards floatation devices attached to a rope!!!
(pretty cool how they are even personalized with Mr. Cat's name)

Hey, Maryville Missouri isn't very far from me!!!! I live in the southern part of Iowa! Maybe you could all stop at my house and I could make you breakfast!!!!! (anybody up for some Spamcakes??)
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Well, I couldn’t find a crow to lead us; but I did find a raven. I think it’s a guy raven, judging by the tone of voice when saying “Nevermore!†Anyway, Debby’s Spamcakes were delicious! Now we’ll follow the raven and see where we end up.

Hey, we did good to keep our little convoy together! The raven has landed near a quaint motel, just off the old highway. So we’ll make this our first stop-over. I talked with the proprietor, a nice young man, who assured me there’s plenty of hot water in case any of you want to shower.


To alleviate the somewhat-cramped conditions due to this trip’s unexpected popularity, I’ve secured a nice comfortable bus. The fellows who were last riding that bus are presently trying to remember where they put the keys.

I'll put on some nice relaxing music, so we can unwind. Remember, it's rise and shine first thing in the morning!


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Joe, I found a personal body guard for you, I'm not sure what her name is yet. This Road Trip has become so popular, you may need the extra protection from fans and Paparazzi. This lady is willing to do just about anything...

Her references seem to check out....she was head security on that bus you recently found.
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It's not that I don't appreciate your sincere concern for my safety, but I think that lady (above) might best be utilized in a different capacity. Yes, I'm quite sure of it.

I know! She can help Britney and Samantha with errands and such like. I know they'll get along famously.

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Ok Joe, the bus is way more comfortable, but someone at the last gas station told me this was the mood music more suited to our mode of transportation:

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I decided to make room for the rest of the crowd and follow along in a convoy-like fashion....anyone who cares to join me is welcome, plus I have a toilet and stove.
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Nothing but the best, Debby! I have a Big Mac and Fries, super-sized, coupon ready for your discriminating palate. I guess traffic is heavy on the Parkway because I've been waiting for a while now. Or did you all stop to watch a Steelers' pre-season game? Come on, now. Those games don't count! By the way, is the QE2 still making trans-Atlantic trips? Yola wants to go, and I want to invite Bodlover and Flimflam too. Of course, there's Eeva,and Elisabeth, and Lisa, Kumbulu and........
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