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Oh please PLEASE PLEASE let it be those poor starving four Columbian Brothers!
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Oh wait....that's not the same box that's been in the back of the vehicle were riding in is it?????????? Oh I HOPE not!!!!!!! I had nowhere else to put the dirty diapers!!!! I thought that was what it was FOR!!! Maybe there are TWO boxes!!! (I hope, I hope, I hope)
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We better hope it's spam, then, it's the only thing that might survive in a diaper environment. However, if that's the case, I would suggest food without so much spam in it (said with Monty Python accent
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Hmmmmmm I am NOT eating spam if it's been in that box!!! Vin said he isn't eating it either!!!
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I'm getting sick of Spam. We should swing by my house. Bill's a whiz with the grill. We, even have mesquite already cut to size.
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Jeanie....here I am. I am somewhere on highway 417, still trying to hitch a ride to catch up to you guys!!!! So far, no sign of Tim. The nerve of him...choosing to remain at Faith's side instead of helping me!

About Tom.....how about you tell us everything that happened, then I'll let you know what he said

Oh look! I think somone is slowing down...

Did I hear someone mention something about a box and a snake? *seriously considering heading back to Apple Hill*
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Okay, folks, here's what was in that box:

Two cans of Grant’s Traditional Recipe Haggis

One box of Campbells Shortbread Selection

One bottle of Barr Irn-Bru

One sample of Riemann P20 Sunfilter with brochure

Rosie Swale is pictured on the brochure, during her successful 143-mile Marathon des Sables run through the Sahara Desert. Rosie is from Wales and has authored several travel-adventure books.

The haggis, shortbread and Irn-Bru were delicious!


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Took me a wee second to realize that was you on webcam, Joe. Guess you guys should put on the soft music while I catch some zzz's. I'll drive later.

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Oh my goodness!!! So THAT'S what Hissy and I brought back from that mission we were on. I'm SO glad that mystery has finally been solved!
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Ewwwwww! I think I'll pass on the contents of that box! (Except for the yummy biscuits) Mr Cat, what is Haggis made of? (Not really sure I want an answer, though)
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The ingredients of Grant's Traditional Recipe Haggis are: Lamb (55%), Oatmeal (19%), Scottish Water, Onion, Salt, Spices. I've no idea what "Scottish Water" consists of, but I must say I found this product to be delicious!


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Okay mate, that all sounds well and good but which BIT of the lamb is it? That's whay worries me!!!
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Okay, remember you asked for it!

A Detailed Haggis Recipe

1 sheep's stomach, thoroughly cleaned
The liver, heart, and lights (lungs) of the sheep
1 lb Beef suet
2 large Onions
2 tb Salt
1 ts Freshly ground black pepper
1/2 ts Cayenne or red pepper
1/2 ts Allspice
2 lb Dry oatmeal (the old-fashioned, slow-cooking kind)
2-3 cups broth (in which the liver, heart and lights were cooked)

What you need: Canning kettle or a large spaghetti pot, 16- to 20 quart size with a lid to fit it; meat grinder; cheesecloth

What to do: If the butcher has not already cut apart and trimmed the heart, liver and lungs, do that first. It involves cutting the lungs off the windpipe, cutting the heart off the large blood vessels and cutting it open to rinse it, so that it can cook more quickly. The liver, too, has to be freed from the rest. Put them in a 4-quart pot with 2 to 3 cups water, bring to a boil, and simmer for about an hour and a half. Let it all cool, and keep the broth.

Run the liver and heart through the meat grinder. Take the lungs and cut out as much of the gristly part as you easily can, then run them through the grinder, too. Next, put the raw beef suet through the grinder. As you finish grinding each thing, put it in the big kettle. Peel, slice and chop the onions, then add them to the meat in the kettle. Add the salt and spices and mix.

The oatmeal comes next, and while it is customary to toast it or brown it very lightly in the oven or in a heavy bottomed pan on top of the stove, this is not absolutely necessary. When the oatmeal has been thoroughly mixed with the rest of it, add the 2 cups of the broth left from boiling the meat. See if when you take a handful, it sticks together. If it does, do not add the third cup of broth. If it is still crumbly and will not hold together very well, add the rest of the broth and mix thoroughly. Have the stomach smooth side out and stuff it with the mixture, about three-quarters full. Sew up the openings. Wrap it in cheesecloth, so that when it is cooked you can handle it.

Now, wash out the kettle and bring about 2 gallons of water to a boil in it. Put in the haggis and prick it all over with a skewer so that it does not burst. You will want to do this a couple of times early in the cooking span. Boil the haggis gently for about 4 or 5 hours. If you did not have any cheesecloth for wrapping the haggis, you can use a large clean dishtowel. Work it under with kitchen spoons to make a sling with which you can lift out the haggis in one piece. You will probably want to wear lined rubber gloves to protect your hands from the hot water while you lift it out with the wet cloth. (You put the dish cloth in the pot only after the haggis is done; you do not cook the towel with the haggis as you would the cheesecloth.)

Note: Even if the butcher has cleaned the stomach, you will probably want to go over it again. Turn the stomach shaggy side out and rinse. Rub it in a sinkful of cold water. Change the water and repeat as many times as necessary, until the water stays pretty clear and handling it does not produce much sediment as the water drains out of the sink.


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No worries, I'll have the convoy stop at the next McDonald's.

*wonders if they have McHaggis on the menu*

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Does anyone know where the sick-bag is?? Oh no Debbie, please tell me you didn't put a nappy in it!

I don't feel too well...
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Hands TatCat a clean plastic bag and some mylanta
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Id rather have Spam, than sheep guts!
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EEEEEEEK!!!!!! Joe just told me we're running out of spam so he ordered 3 large cases of Haggis. We're going to have to EAT that stuff!!
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This roadtrip is a HOOT !! I love it ! Now, as far as those CAT BOOKS are concerned: I know they exhist. I had them in my hands in June and sent them on to Nena10 in July. . ... Did you send them on, Nena ??? Oh, Nena. . . . . . .
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Nena sold them and started a chain of Mc Haggis restaurants.
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Somebody should have woken me up - I missed all the excitement! Glad it wasn't Spam, anyway! Not that I don't love it, but there is too much of a good thing! What about the grill idea? Let's go to Cindy & Bill's, Hunh gang, hunh? Isn't there a wedding to celebrate there, too? YIPPPEEEE :tounge2:

And Debby - can't you litterbox train little Amber? Then we can stop worrying about these nappies.... They're everywhere!
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If Haggis is on the menu, I think I'll become a vegetarian. Never had it, never will. My parents used to make pig's stomach in a similar manner. . . Needless to say, I wasn't happy with those meals. Kumbulu, can you share the sick bag?
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Brenda! Was your mom from Scotland too? My mom was, but the worst I had to eat was tripe, which wasn't bad- until I found out what it was. I didn't have any haggis at the last stop. If my mother wouldn't eat it, who am I to break tradition? Watch out! Get
your head in the window! Kumbulu's not feeling well, and the wind's blowing this way.
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Jeanie, Neither of my parents was from Scotland. She grew up in a farm family. My dad's family was from a very small town in Perry County, PA. Very rural, too. They also eat scrappel, yuk.

When I cook a turkey, my cats get all the insides they put in there.

Poor Kumbulu, anyone have any Pepto Bismol?
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Okay, we're stopping here for a music break. It's to hear the band Jack Off Jill!

Left to right: Robin Moulder, bass; Laura Simpson, drums; Jessicka, vocals; Ho-Ho Spade, guitar

"JOJ" has been told we're cat lovers. So, they're going to play My Cat.

Thank you. Now, everybody back in their vehicles and let's continue on!

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Never had Haggis. Love Scrapple and fried mush. . . . . Jack Off Jill looksinteresting, but if she is cooking the scrapple; make sure she washes her hands. . . .(LOL) This trip has become very popular. I can't even see the end of the convoy anymore. . . . speaking of convoys; where is KittyFoot? and that "Maven of the Fashion World", MeMe?
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Joe!!! That haggis recipe was truley disgusting!!! I think I too will stick to spam!:tounge2:

Don't worry about the diapers guys...I have decided to just throw them out the window as we go.... :LOL: (not really I wouldn't litter like that, besides that cop behind us might not like one landing on his windshield.) :laughing: But hey...if he pulls us over, maybe we could just bribe him with some haggis!!:tounge2:

Darlene...I like scrapple too!!! Haven't had it for ages!!! I like lots of sausage in it!
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I'm almost afraid to ask. What's in scrapple?
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