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Road trip with Mr. Cat & friends!!!!!

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Sorry I'm late, but I had a bit of car trouble. Debby sent me a telegram indicating there was a discussion about my previous car, so I figured I'd best get over here A.S.A.P. Anyway I've traded that old car for this 1959 Peugeot 403, which I got from a retired police detective who's a friend of mine. So, let's go! Anybody want some day-old pizza?

About The Cat Site: It's a wonderful place, all credit to Anne for its creation; and many thanks to Hissy for her steadfast support of this web site! Many an interesting thread has seen life here, be it familiar or extra-terrestrial.

I've not been here very often in recent months, but now that I've such reliable transportation I hope to drop by the old neighborhood more often. The two cats who keep me, Michaela and Tonya, send their love!

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Greetings Mr. Cat!

How have you been? I think your car needs to be detailed.......
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Hello! I've been just fine, thanks. How about yourself?

Yeah, that poor old car needs some T.L.C. doesn't it? Well, when I read this thread and saw the references to the jalopy picture I'd used in that other thread I thought: "Columbo's car!" I've always wanted a strange-looking car, but the closest I'll get to one now is that image of Columbo's car (above).


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Mr.Cat, You're Back!!!!! Where have you been?????

Well....let the fun begin!
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Mr Cat, welcome back! I had wondered where you wandered off to!!
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Debby, You're welcome, I thought the picture of the car and the shack, I mean luxurious accomodations was worth the search.

Maybe Mr. Cat has been having car troubles? Nah, not with the well-tuned vehicles he drives.
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Okay, I'm here! Well, the deal is that KimWard34 began this thread as a tribute to The Cat Site; and I don't want to be responsible for making it into something else.

Having said that, I'd like nothing better than our embarking upon another glorious fun-filled adventure like the one to which a few of you have been alluding. Trouble is, Columbo read that old thread of ours and now he wants his car back; so I've ended up with this 1950 Vespa in its place:

There's no way all of us can fit on that thing, of course; but I'll be happy to lead a convoy. I can guarantee we won't get stuck in traffic!

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Joe!!!!!!!!!!! Glad you made it!!!!! I would love nothing better than to have another adventure with you and the gang!(and anyone else who wants to join in)

Maybe we ought to start a new thread...."The newest Adventure" and take it from there!!! I used to love those threads, where we would just go uncharted to wherever the conversation (and the car) led us!!!
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Debby I did just that. Your road trip is on it's way. Going to be crowded with all those cats in the car though!
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I would love some day old pizza! I hope it's pepperoni
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I haven't been on one of Mr. Cat's road trips before and it sounds like fun. Can I come too....p-l-e-a-s-e???????
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Lorie, it's sooooo much fun. Everyone is welcome!

This is my kind of adventure. No snakes.....no crocodiles......no barrels containing unknown sources....

Just good old day old pizza. Does it get any better than that??? I like pepperoni and cheese also but my alltime favorite is mushrooms and olives (I know....I'm weird).

Well, since we couldn't all fit, I have secured my scooter onto the back with my neighbors skipping rope. Just watch the corners Mr. Cat!!

So....where ARE we heading???
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Ahem, speaking for the environmentalists of the group....your mode of transportation is parked on the grass!

Now that your travels have taken you to the end of the internet and back, why don't you just admit that this really is the only place you can get a good can of Spam?

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Well, I wasn't gonna' come, til' Deb mentioned SPAM sandwiches. ! YUM ! On wheat bread with Miracle Whip and Velveeta !

I have my "electric chair" now so I can fall in behind Mr. Cat. Not a lot of room for luggage, and NO Hitch Hikers; no matter how "ample" my lap looks. . .
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Gee Darlene, I was hoping you would take my two kitties for a spin on your wonder chair!
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You just never know WHO Spam is going to bring out of the woodwork!
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While everyone was talking I was busy making spam sandwiches. I already have 6 dozen sandwiches all ready for the road trip.

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welcome back mr.cat
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I've got the cheez whiz & the nads!
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Originally posted by airprincess
I've got the cheez whiz & the nads!

The nads????? that brings a terrible image to mind...:LOL:

Hissy...I renamed the thread for you!!!

Now where is Mr. Cat..our fearless driver on this journey??

I'm not much into Spam.....but that picture Lorie posted actually did look rather yummy, so what the heck...I'll try it!!! :laughing:

So.....Joe....(otherwise known as Mr. Cat)...where ARE we going???
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Spam? Velveeta? Some people don't care WHAT they put in their mouths!
I'LL bring dark chocolate KitKats!

Oh, yeah - looking at that car - my tame mechanic, with his trusty toolbox!
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I have to laugh when I look at Columbo's car, can you imagine all of us crowding in there for this trip? Who is going to sit on the roof?
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I'll take roof duty, as long as he doesn't drive TOO fast....:laughing:

Cindy!!!! Bring on the kitkats!!!!

PS....we have to take turns on the roof, I'm not riding up there the whole dang trip! :LOL:
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*arrives in a cloud of dust and smoke*

Yes, I'm late again! First, my computing system Samantha decided to fall ill. Then, five hours later when she was feeling better, the lovely people at Bravenet.com decided to erase all my files — hence the red Xs which presently take the place of images in my posts.

At least the file-losing scenario was across the board at Bravenet.com, as far as I can tell; and a number of us paying customers have made complaints, for all the good they'll do. And to top off this middle-of-the-night post of mine, Samantha decided to crash.


But, nevertheless, here I stand before you! So, where should we go? Where do you want to go? I'm open to suggestions. I'm thrilled there's food: I love Spam sandwiches; and I know you all like them too.

By the way, I've brought a friend along to run errands for us. I hope you don't mind.


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Welcome back Joe!!!! I hope Samantha has fully recovered, I can't wait to get started on this trip!!!!!
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Hmm, your gofer looks to be wearing the scandalous outfit Brittney Spears wore a few years ago. Hey, if she is willing to schlep coffee for all of us, what they heck.

I was thinking I'd bring barbecue chips, but there is a serious lack of chocolate in the food provisions. I'll bring the chocolate chip cookies and fudge brownies, they'll go nicely with the kitkats!
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Originally posted by Mr. Cat

"So, where should we go? Where do you want to go? I'm open to suggestions."

This book will help us plan our trip. It has over 15,001 possible destinations. I'll let you borrow it, Joe.

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Well, we cannot trust you to pay attention to the driving and attend to your "errand runner" at the same time. I will bring along our own navigator.

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I have a great travel book: "TV Vacations". It is a guide to all of the settings, for TV shows: Mayberry (Mt. Airy NC), Milwaukee (Happy Days, Laverne & Shirley), Minneapolis (Mary Tyler Moore), etc.
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Found a picture, of our road trip!
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