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What should I have done?

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I went to PetSmart today, to pick up birdseed for Ivo's pigeons. While there, I visited the cats in the adoption center. One of the kittens was extremely sick, with some sort of upper respiratory thing. It was having trouble breathing (fast, hard breaths) and was lethargic. It was also crying very strangely. When I left, I told the cashier about the kitten, and that I was extremely worried about it and it's health. She said that someone would take care of it.

On the way home, I became really uncomfortable with the cashier's response. She seemed to be rather unconcerned. So, when I got home I called and talked to the manager. I told him how sick the kitten seemed to be, how worried I was, and that if it was my cat I'd be rushing it to the vet's office. He seemed much more concerned, and promised he'd check it after we got off the phone (he said in the morning feeding/cleaning, it seemed congested but not as sick as I had seen it). I asked for the rescue group's phone number, to call them about the kitten. He told me they were coming for an Adoption Day, and that he'd make sure they took a good look at the kitten.

I don't know what else to do. This is really bothering me-the poor kitten was so sick, and it probably was infecting the other cats in the Adoption Center (it was in a cage with another kitten, who was also congested but seemed to just have a "slight cold"). Any advice on how I should follow this up? It would help me ease my mind.
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I know this is not your responsibility, but all adoption programs are not equal. I would follow through in the morning, and if nothing has been done, I would call an Animal Rescue program. Please check out this thread:

These people may be perfectly ethical, but I would follow up anyway. I saw a German Shepherd, which was a police dog, lying on the side of the road one morning on the way to school (with his police officer partner.) When I got home I called the Police Dept. and asked if he was all right. The police were grateful that someone cared. So should PetSmart and Animal Rescue be glad that you care.
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It seems to me that you have done all you could for this kitten. You have cared enough to check into the situation and called to make sure someone was aware of it. I guess if it were me, I would go back to the place as soon as you can, and see if it looks as though anything has been done about this poor sick kitten. If it seems noone has done anything, I would talk to the manager again, and see what he has to say about it. Keep us posted! You are an angel for caring!!!!
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I was just thinking......
Does your PetsMart have the vet hospital in yours, too? Maybe call them?
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If it was me(now mind you I am VERY vocal and demanding aobut things of this nature) I'd have gotten the manager and showed them which cat it was and told them that I would wait to see how the cat was doing just so they'd do something. The Petsmart we have here has people who aren't very smart if you know what I mean. I think they hire people with the least amount of knowledge about animals they can find. I went into ours awhile back and found that the cats had no water. SO I told the mgr and waited around to see if they were going to fill the bowls. Sure enough someone came and filled the water bowls. I was amazed that they did it so fast. But as the old saying goes: never piss off an animal lover...ok maybe I made it up, but it works for me.
But don't worry, I think you did the right thing too. If you're still worried, stop by and see if they did anything for the cat. That way it'll put your mind at ease and hopefully the cats has gotten treatment for his/her illness.
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Well, I stopped back at the PetSmart today, to see what happened with the kitten. I found out that the took it to the animal hospital yesterday afternoon. So, at least now it is getting the care that it needed. I just hope it recovers and finds a good home soon.
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Kudos to you for bringing the situation to their attention. If the poor baby got that sick and nothing had yet been done, who knows how long it may have been had you not said something.

Great job looking out for the little one!

XOXO from Jedi!!!
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I am glad to hear they are doing something to help the kitten!!!
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The people adopting them out ....... Was there no one around, because I am confused on that one. At our PetsMart's & Petco's, the people from the shelters are there with the cats during the adoption times, and after that, the animals are picked up by their foster moms & dads.

Glad to hear the kitten is being taken care of though!
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Fantastic! I'm so proud of you! Welcome to my world of pushiness! LOL!
I'm glad you care enough to worry about that kitten. Even though he's not yours. You are a credit to the human race!
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Yea, Christy! There are times when we have to stand up to those who think they're THE authority. You might have saved that kitten's life! Good for you.
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Thanks all. I just couldn't imagine any living creature being in the distress this kitten was. I think I've appointed myself inspector and generally pushy broad of PetSmart without knowing I was doing it.
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Ok, now you can be the pushy broad in Ohio, I will be in Iowa, let's see, who wants the other 46 states? LOL!
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Well done Christy! jugen, can I have Western Australia???
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Most certainly. now we need the other states and countries.... LOL
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