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Raw Food Diets

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Anyone have their cat on Aunt Jeni's raw food diet? And if so, what is your opinion on it?

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It's well formulated, and I have several customers at my store who's cats will eat nothing else (it's called Pets4Life here in Canada, but it's the same stuff!).

Mine on the other hand, do NOT like it, and I feed another brand of pre-made raw.

The few complaints I've heard have been mostly about the packaging. It's in a little ice cream like container, and has no plastic seal, so it does get freezer burned if it's been around a while. Check out your store, if they've got fresh stock and you don't keep it forever at your house, you won't have a problem. (Of course, it looks like from the website that the packaging is slightly different in the states, so this may not be as much of a problem).
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I'd be interested in this since they actually have a Rabbit flavour. Gizmo can't eat the others.
I was not fond of the idea of Raw feeding but would be willing to try it out once if it was premixed like this.
I'll see if my local shop carries this.

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