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What's your favorite color?

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Lunasmom's thread gave me the notion to ask this... I'll put a poll up.
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Lilac purple! Deep red follows in the #2 spot.
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blue, pink, and purple.
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Red, I love red!
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But my favorite color to wear is Red... but I'm a girly girl and just love pink!
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Whoops! I wanted to make it a multiple choice...My mistake
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I chose pink, because I just love it, but as far as clothes go I love black.
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i like neon green!!! then at about a tie its a medium-ish (is that a word?) purple. in second place are black and red.
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I likes da black!!!
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My most fav colour is lime green...a extremely close second is pink!
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Blue - love my turquoise blue tops.
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Burgundy and Pink!
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Midnight Blue- the color of my bedroom (it's not as dark as it sounds- it reminds me of the water)

I was named after Lydia in the Bible though (my full names Lydia Nichole)....she made purple i also love Purple and pink colors too I also love country green and certain shades of red As a florist/designer- I really love working with all different colors and seeing how they accentuate one another and really make each other "pop" so to speak. I am huge on color varieties
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Blue and purple
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Maroon, Burgandy or Emerald
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lavender and turquoise
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I wear purple most of the time
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Originally Posted by LSULOVER View Post
I wear purple most of the time

Purple for me too.
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BLUE BLUE BLUE (not for the reasons you might think either, I just love that colour )
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Purple is my favorite, although I don't wear it too much....
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I picked Blue, but also like dark reds, greens and purple.

Oh and black and brown and gray. But that's just my wardrobe.
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Grey is my favourite colour.
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Pink. As bright as you can get it!
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I voted red...but to be honest its a mix of colors that are my favorites I LOVE red thats my absolute favorite but i also love pink and black
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I love green, preferably in a nice earthy sage color. Today my sweater was BRIGHT green though.

My other top color faves are burnt orange, dark red, and midnight blue.
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