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Amy is getting close

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It looks like it won't be long now before Amy has her babies, It is 5.20am and I have been awake since 3.40am (yawn)

I have a place all set up for her and put her in there every day so that she knows, it's out of the way and private but close to me so I can look after her but she has now been trying to open another cupboard and the noise keeps waking us up. The one she is trying to get into is used constantly and is not suitable. What to dooooooo!!!!!!!

I am going to go back to bed and try to get a few more hours sleep (I hope)

I will keep you all updated as to her progress. If anyone has any sugestions please feel free.

If spelling and grammer is bad please forgive. Brain is not awake.
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If you can, you need to let her pick the spot she wants to give birth in and you make allowances for it. I had to take a board and nail it to the front of the closet Mckenzie gave birth in because I was afraid the kittens would fall out and down the stairs. I took the stuff in the closet out and McKenzie relaxed and her labor was easier. She gave birth right next to the closet I wanted her to use! LOL Good luck!
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Thanks Hissy

Okay have rearranged the cupboards and put her nesting box in the cupboard she wants to go into. Opened the door and put her in there so she could see it was done. She walked around had a sniff and then ran off to play.

Fingers crossed she likes it now. I need to get a good night sleep.
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Good luck with the birth of the new babies. Please share some pics!
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Birth them babies, Amy girl!!
Good luck Leslie
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I hope Amy's babies are all born fat and feisty. I also hope she doesn't change her mind about the nice bed you've prepared for her. We think we have it all figured out, and sometimes they change their minds. I think it's to keep us in our place!
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Amy must be so excited about having her babies!
I hope that she is doing well and the babes are born healthy and SOON!
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Jeff24Girl Thank you, I will do my best with the pics, I am trying to beg, borrow or steal (notreally the last one lol) a digital camera as I don't have one. So fingers crossed I'll get one in time.

kimward34 Thank you for the encouragement I have passed on your instructions to Amy, I must say I would have thought she would have had them before now. Hmmmm I am starting to get worried.

Jeanie G. Thanks for that LOL. They feel quite big in her tummy and are very active so I think your wish will come true. I hope she is happy with where I put the box too. She didn't scratch around last night like she has every other night so maybe it's a good sign that she is okay with the arrangements. I asked her but now she just goes off and does her own thing.

I think she feels much more relaxed hissy

debra myers and the seven lollies Thank you. I think I am more excited than Amy is. She looks a bit annoyed and gets quite stroppy when they kick. She can't lie down properly and she keeps looking in my eyes and meowing as if to say "Oh for gods sake just get them out" I started her on calcium and good food when I got her and she looks amazing, very shiny fur, clear eyes, etc the only thing I am worried about is that she has fleas as she keeps scratching. I have had a look but because of her fur length and the fact she won't let me hold her to look I can't tell. I am scared to use a flee treatment so close to kittening (is that a word?) any sugestions?

Thank you all for you help and encouragement. I feel better knowing you are all with me as I nervously await the arrival. If that ever happens. LOL
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Ah bloody hell I just found Harry curled up fast asleep in Amys nesting box Uuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrgggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!

Now I am worried she wont go in there. I think I'd better make him a nesting box too. Damn males they always want what she's having.
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So exciting! Can't wait to hear the end of this!
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All out paws are crossed here waiting for the new arrivals!
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Leslie....has she had them yet???? I just love little kittens!!! Hope it all goes smoothly for her!
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Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Dangit. How long are they pregnant for???? it seems like she's been having them for a year now. I can feel them in there, they are moving. Perhaps if I squeeze her? no.........? not a good idea? oh okay.

Well I have been letting her play with the cat toys......perhaps the excercise will do her good. I just can't wait any longer (wail) I am going to go buy some chocolate.
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Oh, I am sorry to hear she has not had them yet! Maybe tonight will be the night!
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It's getting close, Amy is scratching furiously in the litter box (a sign so I have heard) and walking up and down. I am trying to help her as best I can but I just don't know what to do except sit with her and follow her.

Fingers crossed. I am so worried.

Note: She has a runny tummy, is that normal? I mean I know it's not normal but is that a part of it. Oh dear.
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OK...I think Amy has been in labor longer than I was....Too bad we can't simply start an IV, give her some pitosin and help her along..... <grin>

I can't wait to see the little buggers!!!!!!!!!!

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Oh kim I am so worried, she doesn't look too well, I am worried about the upset tummy. I have been looking through the internet and it's not mentioned in the labour process. I would have thought she was ready a week ago with all the signs but alas no. I keep thinking today will be the day!!! I have said that so many times now. Gee get that I.V ready and keep the coffee hot!
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Hey Leslie -
I just found this on the net. Maybe you have already seen it.....maybe not! Interesting..I'm gonna go finish reading it, too.
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Yes I read that one, it didn't say anything about upset tummys and she's been eating a little bit (does that mean it won't be tonight also I aint sticking anything up her bum, I don't think she would appreciate it after what's been coming out. Oh god!!!
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If she doesn't look too well, I would just take her to the vet and ask him if he thinks she is alright. That way you would know for sure.

Sending out good thoughts for Amy!!!
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Leslie, I have helped with the birth of many litters of dogs and cats. I have not seen running diarrhea yet. However, I would definitely take her to the vet, or call. Breeders don't know everything. It's just not a "normal, everyday symptom." A mucous plug, a watery, bloody discharge, crying for you and a desire for attention are signs, and the most dependable is the temperature below 100 degrees. Obviously the breaking of a bag of waters with no kitten needs immediate attention. Are the kittens moving? Is she making her bed? These are the normal symptoms.

A temperature below `100 means labor within 24 hours. Get some help. Put on rubber gloves and hold her still and be gentle. I don't know if the "ear thermometers" are as accurate as a rectal thermometer. If so, that would be great! Then give that information to the vet over the phone. He/she will tell you whether or not to come in. If she's late, he probably will give her a shot of pit.
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