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Over exposed?

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Harley has been laying like this all afternoon. I think he like to be over exposed to all the girly kitties on TCS!

What girl kitty wouldn't want to cuddle up to a fluffy tummy like that?
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What girl period!?!
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I want that belly!
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Originally Posted by Bella713 View Post
I want that belly!
Too cute!!
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Awwww Harley I will cuddle with you!
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SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLL!!! FUzzy tummy alert!!!!
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So cute. Harley is one of my TCS favorites
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awe thats soo cute
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Me wanna rub my nose on his tummy!!!!
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Loads and loads of kissies on that belly!!!!
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Harley says thank you to everyone who loves his fuzzy tummy! He's willing to cuddle with anyone!
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My what a big tummy you have, grandmother! Harley, you have one of the cutest tummies....Give him a kiss fromall he girls(& Dorian) here!
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I would just love to rub his belly! He is so cute!
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Trout just saw that, and now she is doing this
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BTW, that pic of Harley with the bandana in your signature kills me
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