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I made my 10% tonite! For those of you I've been discussing WW with - tonite was weigh in and I wanted to make my 10% by the beginning of the year. I did it! Yeah!!!!!! Oh yeah - and I was the ONLY ONE to get an award tonite!! The room was packed with new comers cause of the new year - a few of whom I knew - so I couldn't have planned a better night to make it. Made me feel so good!

I'm exactly 1/3 of the way towards my goal and 8 weeks into the program. I think now I need to set myself my next mini goal.
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CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know how big of a deal that is, my Mom was on weight watchers for many many years when she lost 70lbs!

Good for you, thats awesome!
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That is great
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Thats wonderful!!!! Way to go to you! Weight loss is always so difficult except for Lois (halfpint)
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